Highland Springs Ice Bowl (CEP Charity-Rated)

PDGA logoSaturday, January 28, 2023 at Highland Springs Reservoir in Lakeport, California
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

This event is part of the Norcal Winter Charity Series
Benefitting The Clear Lake Gleaners
There will be Trophies for the player who donates
the most cash and most food during the event
There will be a small amount of cash payout to all pro divisions
All amateur divisions will get a merchandise for payouts

Refund policy

Lake county disc golf club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/65187
1Michael Powell5850108
2Scott Kile6249111
3Joseph Haggard6252114
4Ryland Sullivan6055115
5Brady Baumgartner6353116
6Chado LaFleur6255117
6Dallas Albright6354117
6Joshua Lewis6057117
9Jeremy Center6358121
9Joseph Harrigan6655121
11Jake Tupper6953122
11Josh Taylor6953122
13Curtis Beaudry6855123
13Wil Boyes6657123
15Thomas Humphrey6957126
1Brian Caudle6456120
2Rob Runnings6456120
3Shawn Anderson6556121
4Chris Caudle6756123
5Ryan Milani7253125
6Steve-O Henkis7157128
1Ruby R7761138
1Javier Castaneda6054114
2Nestor A7152123
3Benjamin Tyler Dotson6660126
3Eric Yanez6759126
3Sergio Batres6957126
6Brandin Vale6861129
7Ricardo Padilla6664130
7Steve Kendrick7159130
9Chris Casillas6962131
10RJ Walsh7361134
11Tom Stanko7767144
1Nick Hammond6659125
2Kyle Gaches6858126
3Arturo Valdes7258130
3H Cole6961130
3Jason Cabral7357130
6Danny Saldana7259131
7Ari Freedman7460134
8David Cox7264136
9Jesse Pineda7463137
10Shiloh Ward7964143
11Westley Walker8263145
1Kenny Ridgeway6757124
2Tom Allen6958127
3Bob Rentsch6564129
4Mark McKey7062132
5Greg Jensen7360133
6Burt Hutten7263135
7Marty Beaudry7264136
8Burke Lewis7667143
9Dehl Barnhart7769146
10Chris McGowan8168149
1Joe Hulbert7153124
2Damien Mons6959128
3Joaquin Martinez7060130
3Kenny Nagle6763130
5Elias Simon6764131
5Travis Rasmusen7358131
7John Gamble7260132
7Rain Darden7062132
9Abe Saldana6767134
9Cory Costello7262134
9Tony Bruzzone7460134
12Travis Schmitz7560135
13Marco Mendoza7462136
14William Murphy7760137
15Isidro Chavez Jr7860138
16Casey Martling7663139
16Tony Barbieri7762139
18Peter Beckwith7764141
19Austin Dobbs8664150
20Jerry "Hawaiian Hucker" Punihaole-Figueroa91-91
1Patrick Carpenter6763130
2Dakota Fallai7161132
3Cody Deever7959138
4Austin Schmadeke7963142
4Eryck Lee7567142
6Andrew Mills7768145
6Angel Luevano8065145
8Tim Eggers8165146
9Dominik Idica7077147
10Matthew Cibrian8275157
11Jeff Day8970159
12Aaron B8774161
13Raymond Salgado8975164
14Francisco Mora9980179
15Julian Lewis84-84
16Jesse Lewis89-89
1Shannon Rose8269151
2Kelly Knight8470154
3Tessa Geesink8868156
1Paris Savannah Isom8667153
2Raquel Haller10288190
3Liz Ward9895193
4Jessie Beck10591196
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