Highland Games Doubles

Saturday, September 7, 2019 at Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

Highland Games Doubles Tournament

This will be a bring your own partner, best disc doubles tournament for the Edinboro Highland Games festival. We will play 18 holes, with some modification to the normal course layout, specifically holes 8 and 9, based on festival requirements. The layout and OB lines for each hole are outlined below. Players will meet at the hole 1 tee at 2:30 pm and tee off at 3:00.

There is no entry fee to play. Comment on this page to register. The players on the winning team will each receive entry into a raffle to win a trip to Scotland! More information on the trip can be found here: http://www.edinboro.edu/events/highland-games/learn-more.html

All male players will play from the white tees. Female competitors may play from the red tees. The team’s lie will be marked at the best of the two shots from the team as decided by the team.

Tee pads on the holes will be as marked. Out of Bounds (OB) calls are made by the players on the card. If there is uncertainty, the benefit of the doubt goes to the player. Players may also take a picture and play a provisional shot, then ask the TD after. For shots called OB, the players lie will be taken up to one meter from the OB line at the last place the disc was in bounds as decided by the group with a one stroke penalty. Hole OB lines are outlined below.

Edinboro campus map: http://www.edinboro.edu/visit/documents/Campus%20Map%20-%20For%20Web.pdf

Hole 1
Tee located behind the Pogue Student Center building.

OB: Parking lot on left, right of mando light pole, Deep rough around creek and beyond on the right. Drop zone for missed mando immediately right of the pole.

Hole 2
Tee located next to the library

OB: On or beyond sidewalk on the left, Deep rough around the creek and beyond deep and right of the basket

Hole 3
Tee along the road. The fairway goes under the skybridge.

OB: On or beyond the sidewalks on the left, creek and beyond on the right, creek through the middle of the fairway, creek and beyond right of the basket, sidewalk and beyond on the left of the basket

Hole 4
Tee between the creek and the nursing building.

OB: Sidewalk and beyond left of the basket, Deep rough around creek and beyond right of the basket

Hole 5
Tee along the shore of Mallory lake near the parking lot

OB: Parking lot on the left, lake on the right, sidewalk and beyond on the left of the fairway

Hole 6
Across the road, tee is next to the woods and basket is towards the solar panels.

OB: Road and beyond on the right of fairway

Hole 7
Tee is back across the road with the fairway running along the road towards the creek.

OB: Road on left and Deep rough around Creek,

Hole 8
Normal course hole 8 will be skipped. Course hole 9 will be played as tournament hole 8 from the red tees.

OB: Deep rough around creek

Hole 9
Tournament hole 9 will be the practice hole in the field between campus and hole 10.

OB: None

Hole 10
Tee is next to the shooting range. Basket is around the shooting range to the right.

OB: None (Note: OB marked on the sign will not be used for this tournament. If you land in the shooting range, remove your disc from the range as if it was OB without penalty.)

Hole 11
Plays back down the hill between the bushes.

OB: None

Hole 12
Tees from the trees next to basket 11. Plays back up the hill. The basket is on or in front of the mound in the trees at the top of the hill.

OB: On or beyond the road on the right

Hole 13
Plays over the frog pond

OB: Pond if Disc is surrounded by water

Hole 14
Continue into the woods to find the tees. Hole plays into the woods and to the left.

OB: None

Hole 15
Follow path left of basket 14 to find tee. Hole plays slightly to the right.

OB: None

Hole 16
Follow path behind basket 15 to tee. Hole plays straight into the trees at the end of the path.

OB: None

Hole 17
Exit woods to the right of basket 16 to find tee. Hole plays back up hill.

OB: None

Hole 18
Hole 18 tee is left of basket 17. Hole plays all the way back down the hill. Basket is near tee 10.

OB: None.


Final Results

Round 1: Edinboro University - Royal Scots Disc Golf Links White Tees to A pins, 18 holes, par 64
1Salim Khalife
Tim Kramer
5454 (-10)
2Jason Johnson
Joe Johnson
5656 (-8)
3Dan Smith
Joe Johnson Sr
6262 (-2)
4Jericho Barkley
Luke Kiefer
6767 (+3)
5Lara Rudolph
Seamus Louis
9292 (+28)