Hazy Shade 21st Annual BYOP Doubles

Sat-Sun, August 26-27, 2023 at Arthur O. Fisher Park in Dayton, Ohio
Disc golf doubles tournament

Hazy Shade 21st Annual BYOP Doubles graphic
Added cash $2,000

About this tournament

Time for the big one. The 21st Annual Hazy Shade BYOP Doubles. Grab a buddy and lets go. 2 rounds of golf 1 per day across the area's premier courses.

Test your skills against the areas best with huge player packs, payouts and all kinds of extras.

This will be a 2 day tee times doubles event. Please make your weekend available as we will not be able to make time requests for this event with the amount of players.

Cost is $140 per team with a $5 optional per person Ace fund

Pools will be capped at 80 teams per pool with no divisional limits. Please only sign up for the correct division. You MUST play in the higher players division. Even if you pick a buddy who's "not that good" you still must play the division the higher skilled player belongs in.

Why change a good thing? Look for all the Hazy goodness you have come to know and love. Build your own player packs and all kinds of extras. You will not be disappointed.
Pro Players. We have once again secured the area's top courses to battle on. And we have secured some of that other premier stuff you love so much....CASH. Minimum of $1,000 cash added with more to be announced soon.

Sign ups start Sunday 6/10 right here on DGS. You will need each of your emails, a team name, and shirt sizes for amateur players DO NOT USE THE SAME EMAIL PLEASE. We will issue gift cards and payout all be email so it is really important that you each have a listed email.

A Pool. The Pro Pool - All pro divisions including age protected. MPO, FPO, MP40,50,60 Mixed pro. If you're playing for cash this is your pool.

B Pool. The Advanced Pool - This is your advanced and age protected 40 pool. MA1, FA1, MA40, FA40

C Pool. The Intermediate pool - This is all intermediate players MA2, FA2.

D Pool. The Rec Pool - This will be MA3, FA3. You will play

E Pool. The Mixed/ Novice pool - This will be MA4, FA4, Jrs, Mixed Am, MA50, FA50, MA60, and FA60.

We will be looking for sponsors and volunteers as well. Some sponsorship will be available in registration or message us at [email redacted] for more details
More soon, Thanks

Refund policy

Hazy Shade Disc Golf & More is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Refunds will be issued 100% up to 48 hours before the event. After that we reserve the right to issue a partial refund or players pack only. If you are sick we will issue a refund anytime before the event starts.
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