Hangover Bowl IV

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 at Addison Oaks County Park in Leonard, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

Hangover Bowl IV graphic


Tournament DirectorBrian 'The Brain' Evans
Asst Tournament DirectorJosh Cook
Player CheckinJosh Amundson
Player CheckinSteve Wilmoth
PhotographerJennifer Evans
Asst Tournament DirectorJohn Herman
Raffle collectionJeremy Johnson
Raffle collectionEric Dusten

About this tournament

Who needs sleep after a night of bringing in the New Year? Wake up take the pants of your head off your head and put them on your legs and head to Addison! Bring your own partner doubles(multi-tier). If you can't find a partner, we can do a random draw at the event
This is the 4th installment of the Hangover Bowl. Three years ago a friend of mine was killed in a car accident just before Christmas, big loss in my circle of friends. He is survived by his wife his 9 years old daughter and 3 year old son. The disc golf community came truly rallied around this event. 112 brave souls played in fridge temperatures and much more came for the raffle! We raised 5600 dollars for a grand total over 3 years of just over 12,000 dollars. Mind Blown! We have helped pay for a funeral, and have created savings accounts for two families that have lost a spouse. We will continue that effort this year, each year we contribute to a savings account benefiting Mike’s surviving children and we will announce the family that we are supporting sometime later this year.
Anything you are willing to bring up to donate to the raffle will be appreciated but we would prefer new or like new and I will take side cash donations as well. There will be a park representative in the both, it will be 5 dollars to enter the park. They will also have annual passes for sale if you are interested. Check-in will be building to the left of hole one.
Reg Fee-5 divisions
Pool A
$70-MPO,FPO-40 dollars per team will go towards payout.
$60-AM-30 dollars per team will go towards payout.
Pool B
$50-Rec,Mixed-20 dollars per team will go towards payout.
$40-Casual Play/New to Game-Payout in Plastic

Registration fees includes DiscMania Disc tournament Stamped, a 5 gift card from Infinite Discs, 6 git card from Lucky Disc Golf and Ace Pool/CTP, if no one hits an ace all profits will go to cause.
Pool A
Open Hole 16
AM Hole I
ALL Hole 23

Pool B
Rec Hole 9
Mixed Hole 11
New Hole 13
ALL Hole 7

Pool A Layout-MPO/FPO/AM
Holes 1-3, 16-24, G-L (added holes)

Holes 4-9, A-F (added holes), Holes 10-15

There will be side games during the event to play while the tournament if you cannot play in the event and join in on the raffle.
Raffle tickets prices
1 Ticket for 5 Dollars
3 Tickets for 10 Dollars
5 Tickets for 20 Dollars.
Zuca Cart will be Raffled via deck of cards
1 Card-15 Dollars

More to come! Please, if you can not play in the event come out for our raffle. It will be held in doors and you can show up about 2:30 to purchase tickets, drink hot cocoa and wait for the festivities!
I will set up a few baskets in the open field to test your skills
You will be provided a few discs to play that day if you are to the game, there will be discs to win or to purchase if the sport interests you (and it will)

Refund policy

Santa and The Brain is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.

Final Results

Round 1: Addison Oaks County Park - Main course Hangover Bowl 2019 A Pool, 18 holes, par 58
1Ilya Newell
Jimmy Collis
5050 (-8)
2Cody Pearce
Nick Trevitt
5151 (-7)
3Michael Quinn
Sal Leone
5151 (-7)
4Jeff Novak
Tim Authier
5151 (-7)
4Joe Pampalona
Mike Pampalona
5151 (-7)
6Andrew Lacross
Benjamin Geo
5252 (-6)
6Bry Milewski
Scott Smith
5252 (-6)
6Dustin Townsend
Ryan Koeppen
5252 (-6)
9Andre Emond
William Cetnarowski
5454 (-4)
9Phill Diloné
Ray Sherwood
5454 (-4)
11David Tomlinson
Jason Flowers
5555 (-3)
11Hayden White
James Squires
5555 (-3)
13Andrew Garza
Todd Lewis
5656 (-2)
13Donny V
Jason Moran
5656 (-2)
15Brett Uphaus
Richard Kubina
5757 (-1)
15Dylan Martin
Mike schiller
5757 (-1)
15EJ Parker
Jeremy Johnson
5757 (-1)
18Adam Mitchell
Eric Hermann
5959 (+1)
18Jordan Fletcher
Brian Wilson
5959 (+1)
18Keith Staple
Rick Stables
5959 (+1)
21Jason Kosenko
Steve Sevonty
6262 (+4)
22Dan Par
Luke Lundberg
6363 (+5)
23Joshua Clauss
Lance Clauss
6565 (+7)
Round 1: Addison Oaks County Park - Main course Hangover Bowl 2019 B Pool, 18 holes, par 58
1Brandon Oleskie
Jessica Oleskie
4646 (-12)
2Jen Trombley
Phil Common
4747 (-11)
3Audrey lavalley
Mike Herbst
4747 (-11)
4Becca Bault
Sean Bault
4949 (-9)
4Mike Henry
Theresa Benesh
4949 (-9)
6Colleen Boreo
Scott Kuechle
5252 (-6)
7Christie Weishaar
Nick Mcphee
5353 (-5)
7Zach Dillinger
K. Howell
5353 (-5)
9Erin Rogers
Jason Rogers
5454 (-4)
10Chris Passeno Jr
Sammie Hutson
5656 (-2)
10Josh Cook
Nicole Czajka
5656 (-2)
12Anna Geister
Jon Geister
5858 (E)
13Heidi Matheson
Phil Turner
5959 (+1)
14Chelsey Murdock
Michael Paul Fisher
6060 (+2)
15Amanda Gross
Brian Wiatr
6363 (+5)
16Cassandra Allan
Jeffrey Ruth
6464 (+6)
17Erika Kumfer
Grant Kumfer
6767 (+9)
New to Game
Round 1: Addison Oaks County Park - Main course Hangover Bowl 2019 B Pool, 18 holes, par 58
1Alexis Hadrich
Jacob Hadrich
6060 (+2)
2Kevin Falkowski
Wes Heath
7979 (+21)
3A.J. Molenda
Dan Molenda
8282 (+24)
Round 1: Addison Oaks County Park - Main course Hangover Bowl 2019 B Pool, 18 holes, par 58
1Brian Wills
Jon Vorpagel
4646 (-12)
2Donald R Warfield
Kevin Egnotski
4848 (-10)
3Brian Vanloon
Rick Kilgour
4848 (-10)
4Brad Harelik
Ryan TJ
4949 (-9)
4David Banninger
Curtis Stimac
4949 (-9)
4Keith Hanes
Shawn Herbert
4949 (-9)
7Jake Steinbrecher
Kaine Parden
5151 (-7)
7Jason Valuet
Larry Pops Koebbe III
5151 (-7)
7Zach Messing
Anthony Dimech
5151 (-7)
10Mike Shaw
Roger Blanton
5252 (-6)
11Dan Favre
Scott Smith
5353 (-5)
11Mark Ritchey
Mike Pollard
5353 (-5)
13Andrew Steffen
William Gillam
5454 (-4)
13Clint Rodger
Steve Ameel
5454 (-4)
13Kevin Truitt
Paul M Breaugh
5454 (-4)
16Duncan Underwood
Nicholas Richardson
5555 (-3)
16Korey Deiter
Mike Vert
5555 (-3)
16Ron Gashell
Tracy Fogle
5555 (-3)
19Aaron Torres
Miles Lawrence
5656 (-2)
19Curt Rienas
Roger Bennett
5656 (-2)
19Justin Drohan
Tommy White
5656 (-2)
22Larry Koebbe
Nathan Underwood
5757 (-1)
23Scott Bullock
Zack Schenkel
5858 (E)
24Mark Jankowsi
Ron Shefke
5959 (+1)
Round 1: Addison Oaks County Park - Main course Hangover Bowl 2019 A Pool, 18 holes, par 58
1Ryan Herzog
Ziggy Bierekoven
4444 (-14)
2Bob Barker
Dalton Puckhaber
5050 (-8)
3Christian Doman
Justin Wehrheim
5050 (-8)
4Big Tex
Joe Phipps
5151 (-7)
4Brandon Johnson
Eric Manidok
5151 (-7)
4Brent Moreno
Steve Fox
5151 (-7)
4Brett Piziali
Derek Scobie
5151 (-7)
8Brian Hurley
Mike McGinnis
5252 (-6)
9Andrew Rusinek
Kenny Busha
5353 (-5)
9Grant Freudenstein
Ryan Anderson
5353 (-5)
9Ron Jacobs
Ty Alfano
5353 (-5)
12Scottie Reslock
Timmy Redman
5454 (-4)
13Chef Schulte
Will Fretz
5656 (-2)