HUB City Sling

Saturday, August 1, 2020 at Mackenzie Park in Lubbock, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

HUB City Sling graphic


Tournament DirectorRob Craig
Assistant to the Tournament DirectorNick Hester

About this tournament

This is a fundraiser tournament to help renovate Texas Tech Chi Alpha's new training facility.

Card sizes of 4 to comply with COVID19 regulations.

Top 3 in each division will receive trophies.

Part of the player pack will be a custom tournament stamped disc by we have a limited quantity so it is first come first served.

Refund policy

Texas Tech Chi Alpha is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Current Standings

1Donnie Danford53
2Joe Cool54
3Clayton Gallaway55
4Vicente Trujillo55
5Rob Craig56
6Kevin Guthrie57
7Brandon Richard58
8Jimmy Garcia58
9Jenny Munn58
10Patrick Mitchell60
11Joe Longoria60
12Kimberly Lauritano61
13Richelle Wilson61
14Jordan McNeill63
15Daniel Quintero63
16Cody Ashmore64
17Kendon Cooke66
18JP Wilson66
19Ronnie Smitherman67
20Blake Vanier68
21Zach Campbell68
22Kenneth Gallaway69
23David Langschied70
24KayDee Parker71
25Nolan Shelton88
1Nick Hester49
2Ryan Monk50
3Cody Thornsbury52
4Jose Barron52
5Aaron Longoria52
6Daniel Stevens52
7Bruce Carter53
7Rob Lee53
9Greg Farnsworth53
10Aaron Baxter53
11Jeremy Ellis53
12Jacobe Llanez54
13Landon Farrar McGill54
14Gabriel Macias55
15Shawn Barton55
16Joseph Alonzo55
17Taner Velasquez56
18Garrett “3rd Place” Sakhel56
19Cullen Williams57
20Joash Mathew59
21Laney Vickers61
22Timothy Williams63
23Dylan Rodriguez-
1Marcace Roberts44
2Jordan Poff46
3Matt Ryan47
4Jim Kelly48
5Chris Reece48
6Tate Longoria49
7Steven Combescure50
8CJ Hopper51
9Toby Metcalf51
10Chris Lee52
11Owen Parker53
12Jaime Kemp53
13Mark Rocha55
14KC Potts58