HDGU Fall Creek Triples Fundraiser

Saturday, March 7, 2020 at Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana
Disc golf teams tournament

HDGU Fall Creek Triples Fundraiser graphic


Tournament DirectorRyan Beavers
Tournament DIrectorSeth Caldwell

About this tournament

HDGU Fall Creek Triples Fundraiser is a 3-person team event to benefit Fall Creek Church. The event is the first annual, so you can't say you have been to them all unless you make it to the first!!! Here is how the round will be played

one 27-hole round
Holes 1-9 will be played as Risky Shot
Holes 10-27 will be played as Team best shot.

-How to play risky shot:
A playing order must be established. Player A will throw first, then Player B, then Player C, then back to Player A (like in alternate shot). Risky shot is where each team has the choice to take their first throw, or cancel it out by letting the next player throw. Each team can throw up to three shots from the same lie, but the last shot from that lie is the teams new lie. No player can throw from the same lie twice.

Here is an example; we will have Player A, B and C on a team. With Risky shot Player A would tee-off. If the team likes that players throw they state they will take that shot. Players B and C would not throw, and the team would move to player A's shot. Then player B would throw. If the team thinks they can do better, then player C would throw. At that point they could no longer use player B's throw. Teams must take the last throw made by the team. If player B makes the putt then player C would tee off on the next hole. Teams can not change their line up for the entirety of the Risky Shot portion of the round (holes 1-9), the playing order must remain the same.

How to play best shot:
All three team members will throw each time. They decide their best shot and all players then throw from that lie. Players can't each play their own lie, all players must throw from the same lie.

Refund policy

Hamilton Disc Golf Union is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Round 1: Fall Creek Baptist Church - 27 Holes Red Tee to B Pin, 27 holes, par 84
1Chris Dixon6868$36
1Curt Reigelsperger6868$36
1Scott Bates6868$36
4Kevin Lefeber6868$31
4Melissa Asher6868$31
4Ryan Shirley6868$31
7Andy Foley7070$28
7Dave Kemp7070$28
7Landon Hoover7070$28
7Mark Wukits7070$28
7Mike Gatewood7070$28
7Miki Davisson7070$28
13Brent Henderson7171$22
13Chad Hostetter7171$22
13Doug Cramer7171$22
13JD Lyell7171$22
13James Wilkinson7171$22
13Jason Smith7171$22
13Jeremiah Sousa7171$22
13Joshua Swift7171$22
13Kevin Gillon7171$22
13Michael Puett7171$22
13Mike Burden7171$22
13Nathan Rumple7171$22
13Rob Jaynes7171$22
13Ronnie Moser7171$22
13Ryan Schaefer7171$22
28Bryan Gipson7272$14
28Chad Chubb7272$14
28Clint Watson7272$14
28Eric Hampton7272$14
28Gretchen Lee7272$14
28Joel White7272$14
28Mitch Johnson7272$14
28Quaid Zoda7272$14
28Taylor Pease7272$14
37Rand Gray7272$14
37Terry F7272$14
40Eric C Owens7373$5
40Jason Shaw7373$5
40Jason Shear7373$5
40Kyle Long7373$5
40Mike Labellarte7373$5
40Steve Hurst7373$5
46John Wick7474
46Rob Harley7474
46Steve Phalen7474
49Fred K7575
49Keith Scott7575
49Travis Carder7575
52Aaron Eden7777
52Steve Ward7777
52Thomas Miller7777
55Dillon Waggoner7878
55Jake Nabinger7878
55Jonathan Harbaugh7878
55Lucas Rooney7878
55Matt Lewis7878
55Sam Newblom7878
55Trevor Pharris7878
55Tristen Moyers7878
55Wes Bankert7878
64Ben Trewartha8080
64Chad Zengler8080
64Paul DeIrala8080
67Adam Martin8080
67Tevin Jones8080
67Zack Pierce8080
70Daniel Droeger8181
70David Droeger8181
70Drew Droeger8181
70Jerry Claypool8181
70Nick Claypool8181
70Tyler Claypool8181
76Daniel Aron Geddes8282
76John Geddes8282
76Matthew Geddes8282
79Ethan Wilkinson8282
79Jacob Ready8282
79Phil Koonce8282
82Byard Hubbard8484
82Drew Miller8484
82Tyler Robinson8484
85James Stillson8787
85Leland Watson8787
85Rich Zeinner8787
88Cameron Roberts9090
88Erik Roberts9090
88Phillip Nicely9090
Round 1: Fall Creek Baptist Church - 27 Holes Red Tee to B Pin, 27 holes, par 84
1Brad Hogan7878$20
1Cory Gallagher7878$20
1Kacie Gallagher7878$20
4Ben Dickerson8282
4Brandon Schueller8282
4Donna Schueller8282
Round 1: Fall Creek Baptist Church - 27 Holes Blue Tees to B Pins, 27 holes, par 84
1Ryan L Beavers7070$38
1Ryan Weeks7070$38
1Seth Caldwell7070$38
4General Joseph Patton7272$23
4Peter Jara7272$23
4Zac Zac7272$23
7Adam Harvey7575$13
7Andrew Jones7575$13
7Andrew Lockridge7575$13
7Cory Brown7575$13
7Daniel Douglas7575$13
7Matt Lewis7575$13
7Randy Boughan7575$13
7TJ Lovegrove7575$13
7Tyler Woodbury7575$13
16Kyle Cox7777
16Nick Hutton7777
16Spencer Loscar7777
19Dom Ufi7878
19Jake Booher7878
19Josh Fortney7878
19Martin Durrett7878
19Orion Nothnagel7878
19Ronnie Bones7878
19Shaun Crosbie7878
19Tyler Frew7878
19Zak Kemmer7878
28Jeffe Collins8585
28Jeremy Butler8585
28Scott Collins8585