HDGU Fall Creek Triples Fundraiser

Saturday, March 7, 2020 at Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana
Disc golf teams tournament

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Tournament DirectorRyan Beavers
Tournament DIrectorSeth Caldwell

About this tournament

HDGU Fall Creek Triples Fundraiser is a 3-person team event to benefit Fall Creek Baptist Church. The event is the first annual, so you can't say you have been to them all unless you make it to the first!!! Here is how the round will be played

one 27-hole round
Holes 1-9 will be played as Risky Shot
Holes 10-27 will be played as Team best shot.

-How to play risky shot:
Risky shot is where each team has the choice to take their first throw, or cancel it out and throw again. Each team can throw up to three shots from the same lie, but the last shot from that lie is the teams new lie.
Here is an example; we will have player A, B and C on a team. With Risky shot player A would tee-off. If the team likes that players throw they state they will take that shot. Players B and C would not throw, the team would move to player A's shot and then player B would throw. If the team thought they can do better than player C would throw. At that point they could no longer use player B's throw. Teams must take the last throw made by the team. A player may not throw twice from the same lie. If player B makes the putt then player C would tee off on the next hole. Teams can not change their line up for the entire round, the playing order must remain the same.

How to play best shot:
All three team members will throw each time. They decide their best shot and all players then throw from that lie. Players can't each play their own lie, all players must shot from the same lie.

Refund policy

Hamilton Disc Golf Union is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Saturday, March 7, 2020
- 9:30am
- 9:50am
10:00amTEE OFF

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