HDGU 20th Annual Ice Bowl!

Sunday, February 17, 2019 at Dr. James A. Dillon park in Noblesville, Indiana
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

We knew it would be a possibility Hazel would be flooded or otherwise unusable for the Ice Bowl. Unfortunately shes under water right now and even if it does drain, itll be too muddy for a full event. With that said, plan B is in effect. The Ice Bowl will be moved to Dillon on February 17th. Dillon is a fantastic course for dubs and this will still be a great event.

2 rounds of 19 holes.
Round one red pads to B pins
Round two to odds blue evens red to B pin

Every year the Hamilton Disc Golf Union hosts the Ice Bowl. This event is geared towards helping those in need locally. This year, we've again chose Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank for our charity. This is a great event geared towards fun and helps a charity that helps our community greatly.

The side pot works individually and as a team. How? If you place first as a team and only one partner paid, that partner will get 50% of first place.

We will have CTP MADNESS for this event

$20.00 per team(trophy Only for this portion all is donated to Harvest House)
$20.00 side pot per team (Cash side pot follows standard payout rules at 100% by divisions)
$2.50 per player ace 50% donated if no ace is hit, 50% CTP throw off 1 winning team only.
$2.50 Per player CASH CTP 50% donated to charity 50% to hole 1 ctp. Divided up by division
$2.50 per player for 2 mulligans per player.

Round 1 rules.

Roller Derby
Mandatory roller off the tee on one hole both players. Team chooses their own hole.

I’m a sthnaake
Only once you may choose to add your body length with outstretched hands to the opposing teams lie in any direction other than towards the bucket. You must say while laying on the ground “I’m a snake” for it to be official.

Each team will pick one hole where they throw the long pad instead of the short. Hole 9 is already long and doesn’t count.

Round 2 Rules
Stallone: cliffhanger.
You can change your lie once per team but you have to use teamwork. Your partner stands with one contact point behind your lie, you both can stretch as far as you can in any direction but you must be in contact with (touching) your partner when you throw. You can not use this to get closer to the pin.

30 foot of forgiveness.
You have 30ft string. Use it to change your lie. As many times as you want. But each time you use it, tear off that length. You get 30ft total for the round. Cannot create an ace. Round 2 only.
Being short is awesome!
Only once your team may declare “Being short is awesome” and advance to the short pad on any hole except 9. Both players on that team will tee off from the short pad instead of the long.

Ha ha ha Kraig
There is no OB round 2 if you're willing to play it from where it is.

Bring a Crockpot of your best chili! We will vote for a winner.

The winner will be declared “King of Chili” and earn a Crown fit for a King!

Refund policy

No refunds. It's a charity event.


Final Results

Round 1: Dr. James A. Dillon park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Dr. James A. Dillon park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Corey Samuels
Zachary Smith
484694 (-14)
2Aaron Lucy
Chris Thompson
475097 (-11)
3Ben Trewartha
Chad Zengler
494998 (-10)
4Brian Hannigan
Kodi Jenkins
495099 (-9)
4Dale Sapp
Dang It Dave
514899 (-9)
4Joseph Robert
Marc Wukits
495099 (-9)
4Landon Hoover
Miki Davisson
524799 (-9)
8Chad C
Mitchell J
5051101 (-7)
8Daniel Thomas
Mike Burden
4853101 (-7)
10Blake Miles
Dave Wellsand
5151102 (-6)
10Bryan Clemens
Kevin Lefeber
5151102 (-6)
12Jay Carson
Lawson Bonar
5350103 (-5)
12Terry Smith
Tim Tuttle
5350103 (-5)
14Marty Shirley
Ryan Shirley
5153104 (-4)
15Chris M Williams
Tom Higgins
5452106 (-2)
15Cole Vickery
Daniel Droeger
5551106 (-2)
17Eddie DeSaeger
Kyle Smith
5354107 (-1)
18Joel White
Travis Edwards
5652108 (E)
19Chase Standefer
Kole Jacobsen
5457111 (+3)
20Lee Whitman
Stevan Cottrell
5459113 (+5)
21Billy Holland
Matt Craver
5856114 (+6)
22Jon Mcnabb
Josh Sparks
6056116 (+8)
23Charlie Swafford
Sam Alexander
5761118 (+10)
24Gregory Watson
Tim Dines
6062122 (+14)
25Jon Smith
Justin Carver
6162123 (+15)
Round 1: Dr. James A. Dillon park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Dr. James A. Dillon park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Eric Hampton
Gretchen Lee
5254106 (-2)
2Corey Gallagher
Kacie Gallagher
5555110 (+2)
Round 1: Dr. James A. Dillon park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Dr. James A. Dillon park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Andrew Corngood
Zac Zac
433982 (-26)
2Mike Randolph
Steve Corbett
434184 (-24)
3Joe Patton
Zak Kemmer
414687 (-21)
3Ryan Weeks
Seth Caldwell
434487 (-21)
5Josh Fortney
Spencer Loscar
434487 (-21)
6Jesse Cahill
Ryan Beavers
474289 (-19)
7Adam White
Martin Durrett
444892 (-16)
7Justin Taylor
Nelson Cano
474592 (-16)
9Josh Ulery
Tommy Ray
484593 (-15)
10Reece Samons
Russ Messmann
435194 (-14)
11Dominic Martin
Scott Fortier
484997 (-11)