H2O Disc Golf - August Monthly - 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017 at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament


H2O Disc Golf - August Monthly - 2017 graphic

About this tournament

August 20 @ 2pm - Bill Fredrick Park @ Turkey Lake

A and B Pool will play T2 Course
C and D Pool will play Original Course

Course is located at:

3401 S Hiawassee Rd
Orlando, Florida 32835


This will be the FINAL H2O!! For this EPIC event, Player limit will be capped at 144 players (72 A/B Pool and 72 C/D Pool), so register early to get your spot!!

- There will be a waitlist for any cancellations, but we will not be able to have more than 144 players compete, so if you don't register ahead of time and try to show up at the event, you may not be able to play. Any open spots will be filled by first-come-first-serve basis starting with the waitlist and then by physical sign up day-of (if not previously registered).

- Registration buy-in will be $30. $25 will be returned 100% via Payouts, CTPs, and Ace Fund; and $5 will go toward operating expense including Disc Golf Scene, PayPal, and Insurance fees.

H2O August Monthly Highlights:

- Sponsored by:

1. Disc Golf Center!! www.discgolfcenter.com

All players will receive member discount of 10% at Disc Golf Center in-store!
"Second Chance Drawing" sponsored by Disc Golf Center
(Disc Golf Center is providing 2 $25 Gift Certificates for this drawing. All participants that DID NOT win any money in PAYOUT, CTP, or ACE will be eligible for the drawing. We will draw 2 winners and will post the results on the H2O FB group and will email the gift certificates)

2. MiniPro!! www.mini2pro.com

Winners of all Pools will receive a Customer Wooden Trophy!!

3. ZUCA!! www.zuca.com

"Buy a Cart, Share a Cart" program (powered by Disc Golf Center)

(There will be 3 carts for sale at each monthly. The 3 buyers of these carts will each have a 1 in 3 chance to win a free cart to share with a friend or family member. As soon as these 3 carts are sold NOTE - The 3 carts have already sold for the August Monthly so unfortunately, this program has ended, we will put the 3 buyer's names into a drawing at the next H2O Monthly and will draw 1 winner to receive a free cart to share. These carts are sold on behalf of Disc Golf Center, therefore, normal Disc Golf Center buying policies apply (i.e. Membership benefits and Gift Certificates apply). This program only applies to the Zuca Disc Golf cart and accessories (the Zuca bag cart will not be available for this program). *1 cart per person

- 18 Cash CTPs! (9 on T2 for A/B Pool and 9 on Original for C/D Pool)

- ACE FUND = Guaranteed $100+ per course (there will be 2 Ace Pools, 1 for each course...A/B Pool for T2 and C/D Pool for Original) (If no-one hits the ace for the course, winner will be randomly drawn out of the players)

- 4 Tiers for Payout
A Pool = 930 and higher PDGA rating
B Pool = 890-929 PDGA rating
C Pool = 830-889 PDGA rating
D Pool = 829 and lower PDGA rating
(If no rating, you can still play! I will figure pool based on league play and/or previous tournament ratings)

Refund policy

Refunds for cancellations will be returned at 100% back to the player up until 7/15/17 @ 8pm (close of online registration). Any cancellation requests made after this time, will need to be made via phone/text/call and will only be refunded if the spot can be filled by someone else.