Gyro Revival at LTP

Saturday, May 21, 2022 at Lake Township Park in Bridgman, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Circuit Events are back!!!

This is going to be a 1 round tournament to showcase Mvp discs and get plastic and other great prizes to new and experienced players. The round will be played with only the 3 discs you will receive in the players pack.

The 3 discs included will be:
The brand new Axiom Rhythm in neutron plastic
The brand new Streamline Echo in neutron plastic
The ever popular Mvp Electron Atom

Last day to guarantee yourself a pack is April 29thth at 10am! I must put in the order that Morning. I am going to order as many extras as possible, but can only get so many. I will also order as many watermelon paradox as possible, with extras for sale at the event! No guarantee on being able to purchase one that day, as watermelons are highly sought after and they will be first come first serve on all extras.

This will be a flex start round. All rounds must start between 10am and 1pm. The td will tee off at 1 pm and will be the last card out. After the td finishes the round and collects all the flags, there will be last call for raffle tickets, and all prizes will be rewarded.

After fundraising, we will have at least 2 baskets and a rover cart as the large prizes, and at least one ctp or long putt prize on every hole.

Raffles- The way the raffles will work this year are as follows. All raffle tickets will have the same price ranges available. Those prices are tbd. Every prize will have its own container. Every player gets to choose how many of their purchased tickets to put in each container. The categories will be/ but not limited too: Baskets, rover carts, watermelon bag, Donated discs, Rare variant trace, and more.

To give the best example, there are 3 baskets and 2 rover carts to be given away. So there will be 3 tickets drawn from the basket container, and 2 tickets from the rover cart container.

Any one choosing to donate to the event can do so and will receive 3 free raffle tickets per disc or more depending on the rarity of the disc or Item.

Only those that are playing the event, not those that chose to only pay for the players pack will be allowed to purchase tickets.

Weather is not looking super fantastic for the day at the moment. I am holding on hope it passes by, but if not the only thing that is going to change is when the rounds will be available to play. If I have to, I will stay till the park closes and allow flex starts all day. I will be drawing raffle prizes after all rounds or at 5 pm, whatever is earliest, no matter how the weather is. Ctps and lp will be given out after all the rounds are completed. I will have a information sheet to be filled out so that all winners can be contacted and arrangements can be made to receive their prize/s if they choose not to stay. Shipping will be available if the winner chooses to pay the shipping costs. If not, I am in town at least twice a week, and will gladly work out a way to get your prizes to you.

Refund policy

All refund requests before April 30th will be honored at 100%. Any refunds on/ after April 30th will be 50% of entry fee. This is due to the order for mvp being due on the 30th and all packs will be ordered on that day.



Saturday, May 21, 2022
- 3:00pm
Flex start round. TD's card will tee off at 1 pm and will be the last card out.
- 3:00pm
Player check in. Disc selection will be first come first serve
5:00pmPrizes and raffles awarded when TD's round is complete
10:00pmMini games will be held. These games are a surprise, you may play before or after your round.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$40.00pprsPlayers pack
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