Guys & DOLLs 2020

Saturday, March 7, 2020 at Rollin Ridge in Reedsville, Wisconsin
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

The Disc On! Ladies League in coordination with Rollin Ridge Disc Golf Course is holding the second annual Guys & DOLLS Mixed Doubles Disc Golf Tournament. This event is for two player teams that are made up of 1 guy and 1 gal.

Round 1 all teams will play all 18 holes from the orange tee pads to the orange baskets. Round 2 all team will play only 9 holes. Amateur teams will play the front 9 holes (1-9) Pro teams will play the back nine holes (10-18).

There are only 18 spots for amateur teams and 18 spots for pro teams.

How do I know which division to sign up for?

If either player in your team plays in ANY professional division at tournaments or leagues your team must compete in the Pro division. If the guy in the team plays Advanced, or any professional division (age protected included) your team must sign up for the pro division.

If the players in your team play in amateur divisions such as Int, Recreational, Novice or Age Protected amateur divisions, your team will be best suited for the amateur division. However, you always have the option to play up if you desire or no amateur team spots are available.

This is a fundraiser event for the 2020 Wisco Disco to help with costs of media coverage such as photography and video coverage at the event. In addition to raising funds for the Wisco Disco we are also raising funds for Wise Women based out a Green Bay. This is a women's organization that helps women who are victims of domestic abuse. We will be donating $4 per team for Wise Women.

Payouts for both professional and amateur mixed teams will be in cash. We will pay out the top 50% of each division.

Since this is a fundraiser there is no player pack.

Lunch will be available at Rollin Ridge provided by the DOLLs. Please remember to patronize the Rollin Ridge Clubhouse.

Refund policy

Disc On Ladies League is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Rollin Ridge
Reedsville, WI   Get Directions

Final Results

Amateur mixed
Round 1: Rollin Ridge - Main course Orange tees to Orange baskets, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Rollin Ridge - Main course Short tees to short baskets back 9, 9 holes, par 27
1Heather Suby
Jai Mather
472269 (-12)
2Cody Kammerzelt
Jenny Belken
472471 (-10)
3Dillon Frick
Kim Mueller
472572 (-9)
4Andy Garens
Jenny Reck
522476 (-5)
5Freddy Briones
Hillary Kammerzelt
512677 (-4)
6Bob Goyke
Shannon Goyke
522577 (-4)
7Kayla Stratman
Nicholai Stratman
502878 (-3)
8Amanda Hook
Joe Klingelhutz
532679 (-2)
9Chris Snell
Emily Roskom
542579 (-2)
9John Luetzow
Rose Manjon
542579 (-2)
11Kevin Buckley
Tina Buckley
552782 (+1)
12Hattie Frisch
Nathan Thompson
552883 (+2)
13Elizabeth Strand
Nathan Strand
572784 (+3)
14Dohn Koeppel
Lindsey Krause
582684 (+3)
14James Vander Zanden
Rebecca Vander Zanden
582684 (+3)
16Eric Phelps
Helen Handschuh
543387 (+6)
17Alejandro Esparza
Daniela Hernandez
592988 (+7)
18Annette Schwochert
Zachary Schwochert
672996 (+15)
Pro Mixed
Round 1: Rollin Ridge - Main course Orange tees to Orange baskets, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Rollin Ridge - Main course Short tees to short baskets front 9 holes, 1 holes, par 27
1Aaron Wield
Melissa Anhalt
432265 (-16)
2Der Moua
Nathan Hanson
432366 (-15)
3Dan Miller
Lindsay Miller
452267 (-14)
4Barrett White
Papa Panda
462167 (-14)
5Lindsay Fish
Mike Wenzel
442468 (-13)
6Brad Weber
Laura Bialek
472168 (-13)
7Brian Braaksma
Lauren Braaksma
442569 (-12)
8Jason San Filippo
Jenny San Filippo
492271 (-10)
9Jason Barnier
Lori Locke
482472 (-9)
10Chad Inman
Christina Asetamy
502373 (-8)
11Chris Hartman
Jessica Michels
482674 (-7)
11Danielle Cole
Josh Storar
482674 (-7)
13Jenna Tritten
Pete Hoover
512475 (-6)
14James Evans
Sarah Cherkinian
512778 (-3)
15Jordan Ramsay
Melissa Lindemann
522779 (-2)
16Jesse Wesela
Patti Wesela
522880 (-1)