Gulf Coast Tour Challenge - Stop 4 (Maximo Park) Presented by Chain Assembly

PDGA logoSunday, October 4, 2020 at Maximo Park in St. Petersburg, Florida
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Gulf Coast Tour Challenge - Stop 4 (Maximo Park) Presented by Chain Assembly graphic

About this tournament

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This event is stop number 4 of the 4 stop Gulf Coast Tour Challenge.

- Qualifying events for the 2021 Gulf Coast Charity Open.
- Players who play all 4 events will have first dibs at pre - registration,
followed by players who play 3 events and so on.
- Earn points for the Tour Championship
- Points will be awarded based on finishing position at each flex start by
division. Points will not transfer between divisions (i.e. Points earned in
MA40 only count for that division.
- Division Champions will be awarded a customized trophy at the 2021
- Top 40% in each division will be awarded payout via SunKing online
- $10 Entry Fee / Flex Start C - Tier
- $2 to the PDGA
- $3 to cover park/PDGA fees
- $5 to year end payout.
- Note there is no player package or payout for the individual events.

Tee Time Event at Maximo Park. Tee times will open at 7:30am and will run until 5:00pm. Tee times will need to be requested -

Refund policy

Gulf Coast Events & Promotions is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Maximo Park
St. Petersburg, FL   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Sean McGowan4949
2Caleb Henson5151$15
2Patrick McClenathan5151$15
4Kody Larson5252$10
5Cole Wehrheim5454$1
5Jeffrey Davies5454$1
5Macon Daroci5454$1
8David Eilers5555
8Mick Barber Jr.5555
8Trevor Murphy5555
11Andy Garrett5656
12Shay Montes5858
Pro 40+
1Brock Beeney5050$10
2Mick Barber Sr.5353$5
3Aaron Tishim5454
Pro 60+
1Michael Magin5959$10
2Randle Bose6262
1Rodney Gustine5050
2Brian Hannan5151
2Evan Brady5151
2Perry Chase5151
5Chris Mercer5353
5Ronald Peterman5353
7Doug Cash5454
7Gabriel Midence5454
9Edwin Sieniarecki5555
9Mark Schimmel5555
9Matthew Munroe5555
9Nicholas Brinkman5555
9Nick May5555
9Robert Gillis5555
9Tommy McLean5555
16Christian Senger5757
16Christian Wilborn5757
16Kevin Wuscher5757
16Seth Ziegler5757
20Arthur Moody5858
20George Sturm5858
22Aaron Lott5959
22Corey Davis5959
24Magnus Smith6060
24Nick Ribera6060
26Kevin Stroud6161
27Clayton Marshall6262
27Zachariah Hindman6262
29Joshua Freed-0
Amateur 40+
1David Halisky5252
2Kyle Cullum5353
3Jared Topping5656
3Kevin Huxhold5656
5Jeff Fults5757
5Kevin Bradley5757
5Lester Register5757
8Aaron Oliveira5858
9Matthew Halisky6262
10David Brown6464
11Jason Shultis6565
Amateur 50+
1John Fleming5252
2Ben Champion5353
3Joe Miesbauer5454
4Damon Clark5757
4Dan Lewis5757
6Dion Taylor5858
7Mike Cain6060
7Robert Counts6060
9David Lucas6262
9Dennis Baker6262
Amateur 60+
1Buz Ryalls-Clephane5555
Amateur 70+
1Bob Rowley5858
1Lorenzo Rivera5050
2Jake Guay5353
2Tyler Davis5353
4Bob Warfield5454
4Jose Morales5454
4Josh Steadman5454
7Brett Colonna5555
7Bryan Sanetti5555
7Edward Dentzel5555
7Ethan Sak5555
7Ryan Haas5555
12Nicholas Brenneman5656
12Tristen Leto5656
14Bo Williams5757
14Bob Arens5757
14Joshua Biggers5757
17Connor Foster5858
17Justin Lenards5858
17Ranger Loebel5858
20Jerry Wolfe5959
20Kenneth Dalton5959
22Christopher Sandoval6060
22Sparrow Vandekerckhove6060
22Yezin Sharkas6060
25Isaac Cullum6161
25Jedidiah Brightbill6161
25Kevin Herrington6161
25Seth Moon6161
29JT GANT6262
29Jonathan Hokes6262
31Stathis Linardos6363
32Matthew Welborn6464
33Corey Jansen6565
33Joshua Henson6565
1Brent Smallwood4747
2Brandon Langston4848
2Matthew Parker4848
4Brad Proodian5050
4Maxwell Ruyle5050
6James Thrift5151
6Travis Alessi5151
8Bruce Conway5252
8Joshua Morrison5252
8Tim Wright5252
11Cesar Hernandez5353
12Bart Downs5454
12Justin Bowman5454
12Sean Lockhart5454
15Brett Dolimpio5555
15Jon Denison5555
17Cole Hauser5656
17Eddie Bandi5656
17Eric Holder5656
20Brian Polk5757
20Drew H5757
20Eli Brown5757
20Timmy Gaeng5757
24Alex Scruggs5858
24Bryan Craig5858
26Douglas Collins Jr.5959
26Jim Ruyle5959
26Jonathan Crow5959
26Sean Pagenkopf5959
26Steve Mersinger5959
31Colton Sims6060
31DJ Edward6060
31Tristin Brittin6060
34Jason Ellsworth6161
35Corey Joy6262
35Rob Grice6262
37Chase Hadley6464
37Jamie Gaeng6464
37Joe Braga6464
40Shane Paul6565
41Ty Counts6666
42Scott Butler6969
Advanced Women
1Alecia Trauscht6060
2Sami Romine6565
3Priscilla Anzualda6767
3Sarah Hibbs6767
Amateur Women 40+
1Jenn Cash5757
1Kristiana Serbin5757
Amateur Women 50+
1Candy Roque5858
Intermediate Women
1Linda Ray5454
2Angie Conway5656
3Lorna Holtz5858
4Emilee Murphy6060
5Natalie Yocum6161
5Robin Licitra6161
Recreational Women
1LeighAnne Pagenkopf5656
2Kristi Copani6060
3Victoria Eriacho-Paul6262
4Stephanie Anderson7373