Greenbrier Valley Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 17-18, 2020 at Greenbrier State Forest in Caldwell, West Virginia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Greenbrier Valley Open graphic
Added cash $750


Assistant Tournament DirectorBrook Johnson
Tournament DirectorCharles Dalton

About this tournament

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural Greenbrier Valley Open!

This will be a PDGA sanctioned B-tier tournament located in the Greenbrier Valley centrally in Lewisburg, WV. Tournament format will be one round per day for each 2 days of the event. Tee time starts for 3 player pools. Three courses will be played; Nellie's course at Turner farm (A & B pools), Greenbrier State forest (B & C pools),
and both layouts at the State Fair of West Virginia DGC (A & C pools).

All Ams will receive a players pack including a official tournament long sleeve tee, a tournament stamped disc, and a custom dyed mini. But wait there's more! We have way more to add, but you'll have to be there to see.

Minimum $750 added cash for professional divisions.

Partnering with local businesses for discount lodging and clean sanitized facilities.

Follow our Facebook page for more details.

Refund policy

Dalton' Discs is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Justin Rosak4752$444
2Corey Ellis5247$302
3Neil Bishop5053$209
4Jake Clem5253$154
5Spencer Ellingson5452$124
6Adam J Sams4860
7Bobby Mills5257
8Brandon Edwards5559
9Marshall Eippert6154
10Travis Dick5660
10Isaac Frazier5759
Pro 40+
1Chris B Graham5153$325
2Greg Ellis5657$194
3Jack Beadling5856
3Matt Turner5361
5Andrew Wiler56999
Open Women
1Taylor Crammer5565$112
1Jonah Kidder5156
2Aaron Sutton5256
3Mitchell Short5455
3Zach Stover5257
5David Abood5458
5Andrew Barlow5557
5Luke Pegram5458
5Joe Wickline5557
9Kyle Bedell5459
9Teagan Blatt5855
11Stephen Lutz5460
11Richard Porfirio5460
13Alan Level5560
13Seth Neily5659
15Matthew Alexander5858
15Trevor Bell5858
15Chaz Chinault5858
15Carter Patton5957
15Carter Sutton6056
20Benjamin Lutz5661
21Travis Butts5761
21Andrew Joseph5860
23David Driver5764
23Jason Weitzel5764
25Tyler Graham6359
25Greg Reynard5963
27Nicholis Tegen5667
28Vincent Mascitelli5966
29Eric Gwinn6266
29Brent Windon6365
31Randall Dean6969
32Jason Rogers73999
Amateur 40+
1Jerry Dobbins4954
2Brandon White4858
3Matt Hepler5453
4David Lytton5157
5Jay Mattox5557
5Randall Stevens5557
7Greg Bishop5262
8Jim Givens5661
9Michael Knick5467
10Alex Ortega6164
10Christopher Roth6065
12Edward Cordle6166
Amateur 50+
1David Givens5156
2Daniel Yinger6159
3Scott Jackson6969
Amateur 55+
1Stephen Knox5366
2Dana Sutton5663
3Joe Anderson6361
4Larry Perkins6868
5Steve Lewis6872
1John Berg4952
2Stephen Deason5055
2Harris Sams4956
4Forrest Huebner4957
4Jacob Kelly4957
4Benjamin McCray5353
4Evan Wood5353
8Grant Collier5651
9DeLuca Wallding5454
10Jason Dinkler5059
10Nick Henkes5356
12Joey Jenkins5555
13Cody Hayes5259
13Arron Moore5358
15Ben Rudisill5656
16JR Coleman5460
16Andre Hickman5460
16Luke Lilly5361
19Shane Groves5758
19Bill Rawlinson5461
21Barry Adkins5363
21James Barron5858
21Daniel Smith5759
21Andrew Weidman5363
25Max Clair5067
25Stephen Leippi5562
25Matt Lupo5265
28Zach Ashworth5266
29Morgan Plumley5465
29DJ Steele5861
31Marcus Carter5763
31Colter Lewis5862
33Tyler Clark5766
33Marshall Naimo5766
35Joe Martinez III6264
36Seth Lewis6168
37Michael Cox6665
38Marcus Royal6272
1TJ Pringle5049
2Matthew Mickey4752
3Mike Riffle4753
4Chase Albu5151
5Ben Berry5152
6Mark Griffith5252
6Matt Reaser5054
6Sam Stone5054
9Ronald Davis5352
9David Reaser5253
11Josh Brown5157
11Sam Mines5157
13Jeremy Nieusma5456
14Matthew Walker5061
14David White5358
14Ryan Woolwine5655
17Jon Cottrill5359
17Russ Fisher5161
17Simon Parks5359
20Naaman Dunn5162
21Ben Wood5361
22Craig Dunagan5659
22Jeffrey Stanley5461
24Jared DeWilde5660
25Justin Walker5463
26Shane Snedegar5860
27Charlie Baldwin6364
28Jacob Fraley55999
1Hunter Foster5155
2Shaun Beach5453
3Sam Babcock5157
3Shane Cottle5256
5Samuel Cruz5554
6Clay Edwards5258
7William Bailey5655
8Glen Smithberger5161
9Ryan Buckland5261
9Bryan Sargent5063
11Greg Carrico5262
11Brian Grose5658
11Russell Huffman5262
14Barney Mecom5858
15Joshua Coffman5760
16Justin Carpenter5563
17Corey Buchanan5762
17Ebon Mcclure5762
19Nicky Bryant5763
19Connor Zajac5565
21Joshua Greer5963
21Justin Litton6062
23Matthew Spencer5569
24Micheal Griffith5966
25Hunter Frame6066
26Adam Bryant5773
26Travis Dolan6169
26John Walker6367
29Justin Grahn6072
30Mark Walker6671
31Bill Mace6772
32Jeremy Morriston6575
33Michael Slate7179
Advanced Women
1Brook Johnson6666
2Ashleigh Draughon6865
3Alicia Knox6570
4Rebecca Trojan6571
5Susie Turner6671
Intermediate Women
1Eleen Alfonso6068
2Cherie Collins6668
3Jodi Jackson6471
4Molly Darling6474
4Kelsey Newcomb6573
6Amanda Borgman7579
Recreational Women
1Brittany Allison5458
2Stacy Pearson5868
3Donna Lusher7171
4Kate Cooper6682
Novice Women
1Kaylee Christian6478
2Lory Van Buren7888
Junior 18
1Howie Youngdahl4949
2Tate Spitnale5352
3Lawson Mecom5655
4Eli Dunagan5659
5Tristan Van Buren6060