Greenbrier State Forest Classic 6 Presented by Big Draft Brewing

PDGA logoSaturday, May 22, 2021 at Greenbrier State Forest in Caldwell, West Virginia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Greenbrier State Forest Classic 6 Presented by Big Draft Brewing graphic


Tournament DirectorBrook Johnson
Assistant Tournament DirectorCharles Dalton
Assistant Tournament DirectorTravis Butts

About this tournament

The Greenbrier State Forest Classic 6 will consist two rounds of 22 holes at Greenbrier State Forest disc golf course.

First round plays 22 hole par 67 5632' "Darkside" layout with four wooded holes in addition to the main 18.

Second round plays 22 hole par 68 5778' "Sunnyside" layout with four fielded holes in addition to the main 18

One hour lunch between rounds, last card in determines period.

Payouts and store front will be setup at the event space behind Road Hogs BBQ and Big Draft Brewing downtown White Sulphur Springs. Food specials and brews on tap. Live entertainment beginning at 6:30.

Follow our Facebook page for more details.

Refund policy

Dalton's Discs is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.

Refunds available in full if requested before 12:00am Friday May 21st 2021.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Corey Ellis5550105
2Matthew Splain5157108
3Ryan Shumate5757114
4Mitchell Short5659115
5Greg Ellis6161122
5Jared Boothe6260122
7Zach Stover6658124
1Travis Butts5458112
2Jerry Dobbins5961120
3Joe Wickline5864122
4Jacob Riffle5964123
5Mike Thompson6064124
5Tyler McKinnon6163124
7Richard Porfirio6660126
8Harris Sams6068128
9Brent Windon6468132
9Tyler Graham6567132
11Charles Dalton6866134
11Gabriel Cabrera6866134
11Morgan Plumley6569134
1Matthew Turner5756113
2Randall Stevens6363126
3David Lytton6466130
3Greg Bishop6367130
5Brandon White6567132
6Matt Hepler6964133
7Jay Mattox6769136
7Kermit Applegate6472136
9Christopher Roth7169140
10Michael Knick7170141
11Jeremy Lantz7272144
1Chris Cook6569134
2Daniel Yinger6867135
2Kenny Peace6867135
4David Reaser7072142
5Larry Perkins7673149
1Evan Wood6059119
2Jordan Porterfield6063123
3Greg Moench6064124
4Tyler Clark6461125
5Sean Harmon6463127
6Cody Hayes6365128
6Gregory Reynard6563128
6Jake Kelly6563128
6Wes Fenton6662128
10Adam Bell6564129
10Stephen Leippi6564129
12Andrew Weidman6466130
13Chad Klodowski6467131
13Nick Dishon6269131
15Chris Sangid6370133
15Jacob Fraley6766133
15Max Clair6766133
18Kevin Cook6866134
18Shane Groves6767134
20Brook Johnson6669135
20Zach Ashworth7065135
22Samuel Cruz6671137
23Andre Hickman7269141
24Luke Lilly7371144
24Randall Dean6777144
26JR Coleman-6565
1Seth Lewis5763120
2Sam Babcock6266128
3David White6170131
3Mike Riffle6368131
5Joey Jenkins6270132
6Joe Martinez III7268140
6Matt Lupo7565140
6Matthew Reaser7169140
9Joel Becher7369142
9Justin Walker7171142
9Matthew Walker7072142
12Jared DeWilde7174145
13Ryan Buckland6977146
14Justin Carpenter7379152
15Russell Huffman65-65
16Mark Novak66-66
16Zach Reusch66-66
18Shane Snedegar67-67
18Simon Parks67-67
1Corey Buchanan7369142
1Joshua Coffman7270142
3Cas Watson7174145
4William Bailey7374147
5Jeremy Morriston7573148
6Josh Thomas7475149
6Shane Cottle7574149
8Brian Grose7873151
8Ebon Mcclure7477151
10Nicolas Bryant7577152
11Aaron B7875153
11Mathew Johnson7479153
13Joseph Brown7877155
14John Walker7483157
14Stephen Showalter8473157
16Travis Dolan8180161
17Adam Bryant7983162
18Hunter Frame8381164
19Tristan Van Buren8186167
1Jodi Jackson6972141
2Stacy Pearson8184165
3Stacy Jones8291173
1Kelly Mayhew8786173
2Kate Bell9793190
3Donna Adams101100201
3Lory Van Buren99102201
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