Gray Duck Amateur Championship

PDGA logoSaturday, June 25, 2022 at Bethel University in Arden Hills, Minnesota
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Gray Duck Amateur Championship graphic

About this tournament

This is a 1, day 2 round, Amateur only B-tier event at Bethel University in Arden Hills, MN.

I will adjust division sizes if there is a need to based on registrations and unfilled divisions.

$1 ace pool included in entry.

Layout Update:
We will be playing a 19 hole layout again.

Everyone will be playing the long tees (top tee on 18)

All pins should hopefully be in the right position now or soon. I haven't received confirmation yet.

We will be playing the long pins for holes 3, 7, and 18.

And the short pins for holes 10 and 16 (the long pins will still be in so make sure to go the the short, yellow baskets for those holes).

Hole 15 will be split into two holes.

This event will include a players pack as well as merchandise payouts. All payouts will paid in merchandise credit redeemable on site by Gray Duck Disc Golf (formerly Grunwald Disc Golf).

Per new PDGA rules all players must be a current PDGA member to participate in a B-tier event.

Refund policy

Withdrawals and Refunds will follow the policies outlined in the PDGA Competition Manual, found at

A $5 handling fee will be deducted from withdrawals/refunds.

The $5 waitlist fee is non-refundable, but will be credited toward the full entry fee if you make it in off the waitlist.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Jonah Roesler6158119$130
2Benjamin McMullen6060120$95
3Kyle Taylor6259121$80
4Andy Swanson6557122$65
5Alec Wegge6360123$50
5Matt Tomy6261123$50
7Chase Braswell6361124$38
7Nick Kerbeshian6361124$38
9Artemus Green6263125$28
9Riley Pernat6461125$28
11Yoda Mane6363126$20
12Alek Anderson6464128
12Gus Juffer6464128
14Greg Stoffel6465129
15Christopher Streed6169130
15Joseph Tracy6466130
17Carl Nelson6764131
17Sean Rolison6665131
19Robert Munoz6567132
19Steven Toso6765132
21Eric H Larson6866134
21Garrett Border6668134
23Shaun LaFrance6669135
24Mason Kupfer6979148
Amateur 40+
1Tim Mader-Brown7365138$50
2Michael Roesler6870138$25
3Tim Janes7373146
1Scott Silverman5561116$95
2Christopher Yanta5760117$85
3Jordan Cisewski5861119$80
4Trayton Anderson5863121$75
5Chance Glasford6360123$73
5Seth Frick5964123$73
7Mike Clark6559124$65
8Alek Doumitt6461125$65
9Zachary Evans6363126$58
9Zak Schneider5868126$58
11Garret Stensgard6463127$50
12Colin Ducklow6563128$50
13Andrew Olson6465129$45
14Bret Hoffman7258130$38
14Logan Hochstetler6565130$38
16Duane Mateski6665131$28
16Thomas Rushton6467131$28
18Landon Strom6864132
19Mark Brey6964133
19Matthew Peterson6667133
19Maxwell Janes7162133
19Trent Blais6469133
23Michael Greek6866134
23Nathan L Bruflodt6767134
25Morgan Paxton6768135
26Mike Schevenius6671137
27Ian Morrow7365138
28Danny Crockett7762139
29Andrew Peterson6971140
29Carson Reep7169140
29Gavin Anderson6674140
32Jeff Larsen6972141
32Nicholas Raum6972141
34Josh Mattson7073143
35Jon Buck7372145
36Trevor Sandmann68-68
37Brandon Copley79-79
1Zac Yerrick6563128$95
2Adam Bear6567132$80
3Joel Munt6766133$75
4Christopher Humes6867135$55
4Nate Christenson6372135$55
4Sean Westman6966135$55
7Zach Trotto6967136$40
8Nathan DeLisle6672138$33
8Nick VanderHeyden6672138$33
10Richard Mann6871139
11Adam Perez7070140
11Bret Walling6971140
13Alec Burgoyne7468142
13Andrew Nisius7468142
15Steve Fredlund7172143
16Dylan R7177148
17Eric Ziebarth7277149
18Andrew Scherf7580155
18Jeff Fluguear7976155
20Vernon (Sonnygolf) Fadden7390163
Advanced Women
1Corie Anderson8369152$65
2Mikayla Anderson7882160$35
3Reygan Wivoda8282164
4Amelia Erickson8484168
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