Gowns and Clowns

Saturday, December 5, 2020 at Browns-n-Bows Disc Golf in Browns Valley, California
Disc golf singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorGayle Key
Tournament DirectorKristine King
Do it all guy Co -TDBrian Smith (Smitty)

About this tournament

2 rounds
The usual fundraiser event, this year we are not sanctioning the event, our local charities will be
The Foothill Food Pantry
A New sign for Hammond Grove
A local family Michael and Crystal there details will remain private but they are a local family in need.
Reservations for camping and lodging or extra days of play or practice can be made directly with Browns and Bows on there Facebook Page.
Pro Men and Pro Women, all AM Men divisions will play the back and middle courses.
Amateur Women And Pro Master Women 50+ and Juniors will play Charlottes web only.
New this year is the 5.00 ace pool. You must be in it to win it. All players who ace on any course will split the total ace pot.
No refunds after 12/2/20 4PM unless there is someone on waitlist to replace you

Refund policy

Gayle Key is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results


Ben Slakey$400.00 for Hole 7 on Front course, Regular tees
Skyler Mousley$400.00 for Hole 14 on Black Diamond, Regular tees
1Noah Meintsma464086
2Austin Hoop474188
3Robert Bainbridge484593
4Andrei Anderson524496
5Armando Lopez504797
5Brian COSTA514697
5Mike Peremba524597
8Alex Lyon544498
8Dann Turner514798
8Steven Derochie524698
11Jordan Brooker534699
11London Holmes524799
13Ben Slakey5446100
13Joshua Sappenfield5545100
15Chris Basuino5051101
15Franklin Pevear5447101
17Jerime Saunders5548103
17John Howell5845103
17Manny Engbersin5251103
17Richard Bautista5251103
21Josh Matzke5252104
22Josh Taylor5550105
24Chris Addiego5749106
25Mike Westlund5552107
26Justin Oliver5751108
27Jeremy (J ROCK) Long5752109
27Zach McFarling5554109
29Andrew Valdez5756113
30Justin Smith6153114
31Tyler Hart5759116
32James Roche6561126
33Brett Allen--0
33Corey Kelso--0
33Jason Kaeding--0
33Richard Renfro--0
Pro 40+
1Chris Caudle524799
2Jaysen McDaniel5447101
3Shaun Long5250102
4Brian Nightigale5449103
4Carlos Hernandez5647103
4Steve Henkis5350103
7Lane Mason5549104
8Jared Slack5947106
9Larry Christensen5552107
9Patrick Humphreys5552107
11Brandon Stohlman5653109
12Albert Hernandez6051111
13David Cox6253115
14Chris Clarbon--0
14Greg Chapp--0
14Mike Berry--0
Pro 50+
1Steve Lonhart494594
2Richard Brumbeloe504696
2Terry Sutton534396
4Y. Cole514798
5Jim Oates495099
6Ron "Skull" Brown5052102
7Paul Sanchez5647103
8KC Seymour5848106
9Mike Griffith5553108
10Doug Johnson5851109
11Glenn Murray5952111
11Jeff Munsch5754111
13Kevin Parkhurst6152113
13Matthew Aguilera5558113
15John “Hulk” Melms6253115
16Charles Perot5860118
17Mark Bohn6653119
18JJ Hickey6460124
Open Women
1Kristine King5446100
2Ruby Reyes5552107
3Jenny Umstead5851109
4Amanda Zaccone5854112
6Beth Aubuchon6057117
7Andrea Roegiers6355118
8Dani Christensen6654120
9Evita Nieves7059129
10Sonia McNally6862130
11Katie Leo6963132
12Julie Fogarty6964133
13Kelley Snyder7659135
Pro Women 40+
1Jenn Morgan5757114
2Melissa Carbiener6956125
3Tanja Peeters6761128
Pro Women 50+
1Gayle Key5354107
2Robyn Hurst5454108
3Sheri Hoefler--0
1Dylan Haumeder455196
2Skyler Mousley475198
3Kevin Ozorkiewicz4852100
4Alan Hyde5051101
5Burton Rivera5250102
6Michael "ZEE" Zapata5153104
7Chris Blandford4759106
7Josh Gray5155106
9Andrew Fredericksen5256108
9Kris Moffitt5058108
11Christopher Rodriguez4960109
12Steve Buschmann5358111
14Daniel Clinton5362115
14Nestor Arciniega5560115
16Chris Taylor5858116
16Manny Sanchez5660116
18Derek Stone5463117
19Ron Hall5860118
20Albert Liberini5861119
21Dan Buschmann5864122
Amateur 40+
1Arno Lopez4951100
2MIke Worrell4655101
3CJ Nakayama4855103
3George Zinner4954103
5Tony Villar4856104
6Jason Hamby5154105
6Michael Kennedy4956105
8Billy Yee5255107
8Tad Thrower5453107
10Brant Willis5456110
11Chris Isom5061111
11Mark Morton5655111
11Michael Meyer5259111
14Isaac Lassiter5260112
15Caley Smith5360113
15Justin Weilacher5657113
15Kevin Anderson5558113
18Michael Brewer5659115
18R.J. Filiatrault5560115
20Joe Mace5265117
Amateur 50+
1Peter Ward4754101
2Mark McKey4954103
3Javier Castaneda4959108
4Burt Hutten5557112
4Tullin Valdez5161112
6Shawn Stanley5459113
7Erik Furze5856114
8Martin Aitken6269131
9Dale Bowman Jr--0
9Joseph Floyd--0
1Jason Collins4656102
3Andrew Galiger5253105
3Neil Cutter4857105
5Patrick Weers4957106
6Mariano Hernandez5255107
7Jonathan Moreno5355108
8Nic Frost5258110
8Ty Miller5060110
10Steve Hitchcock5259111
11Jeramiah Starkey5260112
11Nate Gonzalez5458112
11Raymond Cooper5260112
14Chris Scoggins5261113
15Jason Roberts5263115
15Surfer Bob5758115
17Garrett Dupree5365118
18James De La Rosa5766123
19Jeremy Steel5670126
20Dale Bowman Lll50-50
21Bryan Giles61-61
22Kevin Stauffer--0
22Steven Michael--0
22Zach Johnson--0
1Erik Galindo4960109
2Ian Bearry5259111
3Logan Waite5658114
4Jordan Diffie5462116
5Todd Cline5661117
6Joe Perry6554119
7Casey Reeve5862120
7Richard Manuel5664120
9Michael McClure5963122
10Johnathan Mora5865123
10Rico Medina5568123
12Ron Shafer5470124
13Andrew Herrington5669125
13Andy Crashmaster6659125
13Nick Ogram6065125
13Todd Benzel5669125
17Allen Nelson6167128
17James Inman6266128
19Mike Kobane6070130
20Sean Cline7182153
21Zack Koback--0
Advanced Women
1Bryn Vollenweider5456110
1Julie Phefferle5456110
Amateur Women 40+
1Julie Nightigale5151102
2Jennifer Merrill5362115
3Angela Dillon5961120
3Shannon McIntyre6060120
Amateur Women 50+
1Kristen Kirkland5050100
2Sandy Lee5351104
3Rox Crooks5659115
4Helen Kostoff5661117
5Darla Thomas6257119
Intermediate Women
1Jenn Yanamura5251103
2Laurie Gerpheide5659115
3Katie Collins6160121
4Jennifer Dunham6561126
5Amy Rhoades7465139
Recreational Women
1Briana Lassitr5062112
2Paris Savannah Isom6256118
3Autumn Herrington6359122
4Nova Clemenza5866124
5Lindsey Hotchkiss6661127
6Teagen Collins6365128
7Alex Mackintosh7576151
Junior 15
1Izzy Little465197
2Cohen Greene485098
3Richard Grube5052102
4Dallin Greene6259121
Junior 12
1Anthony Little5349102
2Connor Bearry5853111
3Bradley Inman5360113
4Liam Stohlam5561116
5Noah Frost6259121
5Rio Burr6160121
7Adrian Long6367130
8Hayden Gama6865133
9Parker Berry--0