Good Day's Trilogy Challenge Event #3 - Pueblo City Park

Saturday, September 9, 2023 at Pueblo City Park in Pueblo, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament

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David Fear Jr    September 9 at 8:51pm

Will you be posting scores anywhere.


Ryan See    September 8 at 9:42pm

Hey everyone! Super excited for the tournament tomorrow! Here's the link to the Caddy Book: Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and have a Good Day!


Nathan Russell    September 8 at 2:36pm

Ryan, so sorry to bother you again dude but it is like herding cats with my family!
The online has closed so we do not seem to be able to change times for Michelle Russell and Jeff Duncan. They are in the 10 o'clock spot now but we would like to all play in the 1045 please.
Can you move them over? or is it ok if we just all show up for the 10.45?
Sorry to be a pain mate and thank you for your help.

Ryan See   September 8 at 4:38pm

Hey Nathan, no worries at all! You can all show up for the 10:45, that's fine. I'll make a note of it when I'm doing check in.

Rob George   September 8 at 5:59pm

I made the change to registration

Nathan Russell   September 8 at 6:31pm

Thank you guys loads. So sorry again

Nathan Russell    September 7 at 11:24pm

Sorry to be a pain but I wanted to ask if we could get on a 5 person card? It would be all of us from one family and we don't get to play that much together.
If it is possible for the 5 person group I would like to sign my son up as well..
Thank you
Nathan Russell

Ryan See   September 8 at 12:10am

Hey Nathan, yeah that's not a problem at all. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Nathan Russell   September 8 at 12:35am

Ok we are all going to move to 1045 then. Thank you so much

Joshua Terwilleger    September 7 at 1:02pm

Unfortunately the three of us (Kyle, Cheryl, and Josh) need to withdraw. We submitted our refund request yesterday. Unfortunately our travel plans got adjusted. Thanks and we hope you have a great event.

Rob George   September 7 at 4:51pm


Cheryl Terwilleger    September 6 at 10:55pm

Hello, is there a deadline for refunds. We're trying to finalize our trip and make sure we can make it.

Rob George   September 7 at 4:51pm