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PDGA logoSaturday, July 31, 2021 at Yahoola Creek Park in Dahlonega, Georgia
Amateur C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorCole White
Assistant Tournament DirectorJarrad Self

About this tournament

A tournament a Yahoola Creek Park? Yes, you heard that correctly. Saturday, July 31st, a TWO-round shotgun start amateur-only tournament in the land of gold.

Players Pack Items
- 300g A2
- 400g D3
- Mini
- Pencil
- Sticker

Top THREE finishers from MA1, MA2, and top FOUR from MA3 will be getting vouchers redeemable to First Available Disc Golf which will be there the tournament day. The top TWO finishers from MA50 and FIRST in FA1 will be getting vouchers as well.

Our CTP’s will all be in the last round of the tournament. We plan to have 5 paid CTP’s, 5 FREE CTP’s for the entire field, and 5 FREE CTP's, ONE for each division. Do not worry; if you did not pay for the CTP’s or Ace Pot online, you will have the option to buy it the day of the tournament.

We are excited about this event and feel extremely lucky to organize a tournament at Yahoola Creek Park. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Cole or Jarrad regarding anything. We should be able to respond within 24 hours.
See you July 31st!

- C & J

Refund policy

Cole is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Harrison Spikes475299
2Phillipe Jennings495099
3Grayson Baker4951100
4Jon Herring5053103
5Scott Roush5351104
6Justin Barrett5352105
7Brian Rockwell5750107
8Kelly Mccormick5852110
9Dian Holmes5754111
10Alex Fernandez5953112
10Stephen Coriell5557112
10Winston Pearson5557112
13Nicholas Murray5955114
14Kaleb Hunt5958117
14Michael Hallworth5760117
16Chris Biggers6868136
1Keith Tingley5851109
2James (Jim) Guy6155116
3Mike Tomlinson6061121
4Ed Ayers6161122
4Marty Pardue6161122
4Tim Patterson5864122
7Bruce Johnson5964123
8Chris Baer6262124
1Andrew Thorne484896
2Trey Green4556101
3Jake Rizner5448102
4Ammar Cuskovic5152103
5Blake Raymond5155106
6Derrick Milner5455109
7Keegan Forness5555110
8Andrew Rolader5853111
9Tony Brackett5954113
10Trevor Sams5658114
10William Hathaway5658114
12Aaron Anderson5956115
12Bennet Nygaard5758115
14Imran Khan5962121
15Gabriel Grote6459123
15Patrick Mcginty5766123
17Chandler Slaughter6460124
18Slone Johnson6461125
19Griffin Self6859127
20Dustin Miller6367130
1Justin Sexton5249101
2Benjamin Davies5454108
3Jared Sledge5356109
4Toombs Norman5952111
5Gordy Hunt5756113
6Lincoln Griffin5757114
7Josh Beers5956115
7Mike Young5956115
9Aaron Evans6452116
9Kyle Johnson5858116
11Daniel Cleveland5859117
11John Allison6057117
13Mickey Gregg5959118
14Jacob Elliott5961120
14Ryan Kidder5763120
16Thomas Norris5963122
17Adam Mullis6261123
17Alex Edinger6162123
19Chris Schoenmann6262124
20Ethan Langford6263125
20Nile Anderson6263125
20Ryun Forsman6362125
23Caleb Forrester6462126
24HOWARD Borders6365128
25Jonathan Evans6367130
25Shawn Dawson6466130
27Kody Etheridge6764131
28Lawson Griffin7075145
29Jonah Self7376149
1Courtney Young5662118
2Conley Tolbert6859127
3Leah Gearing6668134
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