Glow @ Lake Alliance

Saturday, July 25, 2009 at Lake Alliance in Potterville, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


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About this tournament

For those who haven’t played, disc golf in the dark can seem like a strange idea. But with the right equipment and know-how, it is easy to enjoy a round of disc golf on even the darkest of nights. In fact, the darker the better!

Once you have discs and an illumination device, you’re ready to play. Finding glow discs is often easier than finding them during the day – since the glow really stands out in the darkness. Fellow players should watch as each player drives, to help in locating errant throws. Your ears are also important, as the sound of a disc as it lands (or hits a tree, or crashes through the bushes…) can provide clues on where to start your search. Keep safety in mind as you play and be sure others are not in your way as you prepare to throw.


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