G.D.G.C. Trilogy Challenge 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019 at Gaylord DGC in Gaylord, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

G.D.G.C. Trilogy Challenge 2019 graphic

About this tournament

This is a Best Shot Doubles Tournament! Bring your own partner, introduce a new player, let’s grow the sport and have a lot of fun!

Please Register Early to lock in your spot and shirt size. We will order player packs no later than August 9th!!

Registration is open and we will accept cashless via the comments. Please include players names, shirt sizes, team name, and division.

The Trilogy Challenge is an event designed by Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64°, and Westside Discs to promote the sport of disc golf to all skill levels and ages.

The entry fee will be $40 and players will again receive everything they need to play disc golf.

We will have 2 Divisions. Open and Am. This is a fun event and is aimed to get more players into the sport and onto the new Gaylord Course.

The tournament will consist of one round of 18 holes. Players are only allowed to use the three discs they receive in their player pack and if they lose a disc during the round, they must finish the round without it.


(1) Latitude 64 Retro Keystone (2, 5, -1, 1)
(1) Westside Discs Tournament Gatekeeper ( 4, 5, 0, 2)
(1) Dynamic Disc Lucid Vandal ( 9, 5, -1.5, 2)
(1) Trilogy Challenge Mini
(1) Trilogy T-Shirt
(1) Trilogy Scorecard and Pencil

Registration will open at 1:00 pm. You will register and receive your player pack.

We will hold a Player's Meeting at 1:50 PM to go over rules and disperse player cards / Hole start info. Tee off at 2 PM.

After the completion of the final card, the grand prize and other prizes will be awarded.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Justin (989)350-6900

We are currently looking for additional sponsor for prizes and give aways. Please contact us for more information if you'd like to be involved.

Refund policy

Gaylord Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.



Final Results

Round 1: Gaylord DGC - Main course 18 Holes, 18 holes, par 54
1Logan Fuller
William Fuller
4545 (-9)
2Daniel Hermann
Joey Boucher
4646 (-8)
3Erik Pickelman
Josh Erickson
4747 (-7)
4Charles Ranney
Ernesto Lucero
4848 (-6)
5Amanda Streby
Brett Streby
4949 (-5)
6Donald Lewis
Ken Bedford
4949 (-5)
7Dylan Fitzgerald
TJ Cunningham
5050 (-4)
8Breanna Vanderhoof
Dillon Fortune
5151 (-3)
9Brian Poeppe
Bruce Potts
5252 (-2)
10Ken Schwaiger
Logan Haughn
5353 (-1)
11Jack Sevenski
Mike Kent
5353 (-1)
12Jake Himmelspach
Kale Himmelspach
5353 (-1)
13Lucas DeForge
Rob DeForge
5353 (-1)
14Lucas Keway
Michael Mercer
5353 (-1)
15Brian Turbin
Gavin Turbin
5454 (E)
16Adam Hubble - BVDGC
Corbin Hubble
5454 (E)
17Justin Hacker
Megan Hacker
5454 (E)
18Dan Bellmer
Steve Swider
5555 (+1)
19Dustin Dore
Nick Dore
5555 (+1)
20Brett Fitzgerald
Gavin Cunningham
5555 (+1)
21Bryan Ruediger
Joe Thompson
5555 (+1)
22Steven Reddy
Zack Sherman
5555 (+1)
23Aaron Trochelman
Ron Applebey
5757 (+3)
24Greg Mastin
Peter Mastin
5757 (+3)
25Dominic J Giallombardo
Nick Bailey
5757 (+3)
26Jacob McKnight
Mike McKnight
5757 (+3)
27David Stack
Michael Stack
6060 (+6)
28Colleen Hacker
Ron Hacker
6363 (+9)
29Jeff Fox
Kelly Fox
6464 (+10)
30Sue Jones
Deanna Gray
101101 (+47)
31Billy Towegishig
Ryan Nelson
123123 (+69)
Round 1: Gaylord DGC - Main course 18 Holes, 18 holes, par 54
1Chris Stone
Scott Gross
4343 (-11)
2Jason McCary
Josh Gasco
4545 (-9)
3Cory Glomski
Kevin Donovan
4646 (-8)
4Adam Raphael
Pat Hood
4747 (-7)
5Adam Laur
Roy Smithkey
5151 (-3)