GR Match Play Event

Wed-Wed, May 1-8, 2019 at Eagle Ridge / Civic Center in Oswego, Illinois
Disc golf event


Added cash $200

About this tournament

A Match play event for everyone!
32 man bracket, single elimination.
Bracket will be made with You and your Opponent will pick a day between the scheduled time period to play your 18 hole match and report to Gavin Rathbun who wins. Make sure you discuss rules such as OB’s, mandos, etc. If players can not meet time requirements you forfeit the match!

If you don’t know what match play is here is a link:

(32) First round 5/1-5/12 at Dellwood OG 18
(16) Second round 5/13-5/19 at Eagle ridge Long tees
(8) third round 5/20-5/26 at channahon long tees
(4) last round 5/27-6/02 at Highland Blue tees
1st place match and 3rd place match TBD
Payout breakdown (may change if event doesn’t fill)
2440 total
1. 700
2. 500
3. 370
4. 250
5. 155
6. 155
7. 155
8. 155

Refund policy

Gavin Rathbun is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees