Funkytown Flyers May Bag Tag Challenge

Saturday, May 14, 2011 at Gateway Park in Fort Worth, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament


Funkytown Flyers May Bag Tag Challenge graphic

About this tournament

Brandon has been leading they way cleaning up Gateway park in the last month. The club purchased weed killer and several volunteers helped spread it around. Brandon is still working hard to get the city to step up and do their part but their is no standing water and the course is looking really good. We want to go ahead and hold our May tag challenge out there before we hit the summer heat.

The second Saturday in May is on the 14th. We still have CTP prizes from Dynamic Discs to give away and the ace pot will be over $80 for the first time. As usual we start around 9am. Members play for $5 and new members play for $20. Trophies will be handed out, and of course, all proceeds go towards the course development fund.

Don’t forget the T.N.T. Challenge is the same day out at Cedar Hill. If you aren’t playing that event we would love to see you at Gateway…


Gateway Park
Fort Worth, TX   Get Directions