Freeze Your Disc Off 2021

Saturday, January 2, 2021 at Lake Erie State Park in Brocton, New York
Disc golf doubles tournament

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We will be using a new live scoring App Disc Golf Metrix

Welcome to the Freeze Your Disc Off Doubles Disc Golf Tournament Presented by Chautauqua Disc Golf Association

Please register at:

Players of all calibers are encouraged to register. This event is geared towards enjoying some disc golf in one of the best State Parks in WNY and playing with friends.

There will be a total of 2 Rounds of 18 with a shotgun start.

MULLIGANS go on sale at check in. your first is free with the option to purchase 5 more at $2 each. There is a cap of 6 mulligans total per team. Mulligans can be used at anytime for any shot. 1 Mulligan = 1 Shot (NOT both team members, so choose wisely) Any unused mulligans will not be refunded and cannot be used during tie breakers if one is needed.

- Trophies
- Player packs (sorry, no PP this year.)
- CTP for Everyone!

sign up today and let your friends know that you are ready to play in the Freeze Your Disc Off Doubles Disc Golf Tournament.

We will be hosting a 60/40 Raffle, 60% will be split between two winners.

Ticket Prices:
$1 - 1 Ticket, $5 - 7 Tickets, $10 - 15 Tickets, $20 - 30 Tickets

All prices are for a team of 2, please register together as your team. thanks.

$60 - General

All Men will play from White tees
All Women will play from Red Tees

Refund policy

Chautauqua Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

Round 1: Lake Erie State Park - Shipwreck Bluff White tees, 18 holes, par 56
Round 2: Lake Erie State Park - Shipwreck Bluff White tees, 18 holes, par 56
1Bobby Jones
Justin Whitney
464389 (-23)$166
2Justin King
Nathan Mirizio
474390 (-22)$80
3Dana Lembke
Simon Locke
514697 (-15)$56
4Colby Howe
Tim Kramer
5050100 (-12)$40
5Doug Oaks
5052102 (-10)$36
5James Johnson
Randy Conklin
5151102 (-10)$36
5Mark Jahnke
Sam Moore
5151102 (-10)$36
8Clinton Eastland
Jim Mauerman
5350103 (-9)$30
9Jordan Bochenski
Jory Holbrook
5351104 (-8)$24
9Kevin Mueller
Michael Williams
5450104 (-8)$24
11Jon Parker
Mike Johnson
5353106 (-6)$20
12Darren Oaks
Matt Ericson
5354107 (-5)
13Jerry Hann
Michael Hann
5256108 (-4)
14Josiah Russell
Josiah Young
5654110 (-2)
7972151 (+39)