Flyin Lynx Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 12-13, 2021 at The Redwood Curtain / Area 74 in Arcata, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Inaugural Flyin Lynx Open will be held on June 12th and 13th at The Redwood Curtain and Area 74. The Curtain will be in the BEEF layout, and 74 will be all 27 with OB in play. This tournament will abide by all COVID safe practices at all times. The players meeting will be in the form of an email blast, where all rules and regulations will be explained thoroughly. Groups, division splits, tee times, and CTP holes will also be listed in the email. A copy of the round rules will be provided at the start of the round as well. If you have a preference on groups, TD bribes are always encouraged.

June 12th - A’s @ Curtain / B’s @ 74
June 13th - B’s @ Curtain / A’s @ 74

A’s - all Pro divisions and MA1
B’s - all Am divisions except MA1

There will be a player check in at the Redwood Curtain (the disc golf course, not the brewing company) on Friday June 11th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Winners will receive trophies and payout at the course after the final round is complete. All pro payouts will be made via PayPal and will be processed by June 15th. All AM scrip will be issued as a gift certificate for Flyin Lynx.

All AM players will receive a players pack consisting of a premium disc, a printed towel, and an event tshirt.

No refunds will be processed after 06/09/2021

I tried to send this last night but ran into some technical difficulties. Here are the tee times and course OB descriptions.

Day 2A: Area 74
Jacob Cheek
Brian Cole
Dominic Ratto
Zachary Davis

Boone Bates
Josiah Andrews
Greg Differding
Thomas Yang

Nick Umana
Tom Browne
Leafy Greens
Zach Caldwell

Carroll Oliver
Jeff Hitch*
JJ Amaral
Sam Barton

Warren Moak
Luis Gonzalez
Max Garcia
Lucas Sawyer

Tom Stanko
Kyle Powell
Cory Taylor
Chris Johengen

Logan Portillo
Tyler Turnmeyer
Neil Kemper
Lukasz Fornalski

Toryn Robinson
Tylor Clark
Curtis Beaudry
Justin Hinckley

Finn Sullivan
Quinn Gerard
Robert Sears
Jeff Worcester

Josh Draper
Matty Agnell
Shanyne Lachene

Josh Durham
Steve Henkis
Delaney Cole
Dan Hardeman

Nick Arnett
Ryan Seng
Aaron McKenna
Caleb Gribi
William Penprase

Jeremy Watson
Alex Salinas
Ryland Sullivan
Kyle Davis

Ryan Briggs
Juan Bernal
Nathan LaChance
Levi Landeros

Alex Duncan
Cory McGill
Robert Bennett
Brad Dunham

Phillip Nichols
Sean Murphy
Dalton Rice
Joe Cox

Day 2B: Redwood Curtain
Rabbit Peters
George Luu
Ian Murray
Steven Watson

TJ Bursich
Evan Baker
Isaac Bortman
Erik Shealor

Jeremy Gabriel
Jose Lara
Stew Millar
Drew Grimaldo

Willie Stone
Robert Sataua
Trenton Simpson
Noah Hergenrader

Cristian Puente
Chris Raudenbush
Sean Bliven
Sammy Davis

Kevin Kildow
Ryan miller
Greg Luport
Adam Rice

Tyson Punch
Lucas Kraatz
Vincent Gueverra
Jesse Pineda

Chago Santiago
Gregg Hammer
Marty Valentine
Deric Moen

Stanley Barnes
Lewis Salceda
David Powell
Thomas Oliver

Dabs Kramer
Jett Bronson
Galen Trexler
Andrew Kraatz

Matt Garcia
Robert Borquez
Curtis Miller
Kelly Knight

Michael Hall
Marty Beaudry
Steven Sparapani
Darin Smith

Jason Clark
Rob Serna
David Millman
Jerab Pino

Gary Horan
Victor Enlow
Christopher Albright
Mike Johnson

Greg Camphouse
Michael Nichols
Tom Veeh
Jamey Eichert

Audrey Cole
Kendra Higgins
Kathleen Johnston
Michelle Lopez

Clara Nilsen
Katelyn Warbritton
Ashley Hanbury
Chelsea Belden

Area 74: (2116 Ways Lane, Fieldbrook)
No OB or Mando unless noted Hole 1 - Double mando (powerpole on left and tree on right with blue arrow), proceed to drop zone if either mando missed. OB left and right beyond mandos and wraps around green- play from last spot in bounds. Hole 2 - OB on 1’s fairway and green. Hole 5 - Mando pole on right side, proceed to drop zone. Watch out for players on hole 18 (aka Chunderdome). Hole 6 - Mando and OB on the left, proceed to the drop zone for missed mando. Play from last spot in bounds beyond mando. Hole 9 - Island is marked by logs and metal pipe surrounding basket, proceed to drop zone if island missed. Hole 12 - mando on right marked by blue arrow, proceed to drop zone. Hole 14 - Play to basket. Tones are not in play. Hole 15 - Double mando, proceed to drop zone. Hole 19 - Mando and OB on the right. Hole 20 - Mando on right, proceed to drop zone. OB right and behind pin - play where last in bounds. Hole 26 - OB water near the basket. Hole 27 - Watch for players on hole 5.

Redwood Curtain: No OB or Mando unless noted. Pedestrians, bikers, horseback riders, and other park users all have the right of way. Please be patient and courteous. Hole 2 - Can tee from directly in front of stump with no penalty if desired. Hole 5 - Be mindful of players on 6 tee. Hole 11 - Pond and concrete spillway are OB. If OB, proceed to Drop zone. Can go straight to Drop zone with penalty. Hole 17 - OB Concrete spillway at bottom of hill behind basket. Hole 18 - OB concrete spillway & water in creek (surrounded by water).

Refund policy

Flyin Lynx is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.