Flaherty Mvp v Axiom challenge

Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Flaherty Park in Watervliet, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

Flaherty Mvp v Axiom challenge graphic

About this tournament

Mvp has done it again! What an awesome deal for one of 2 players packs. And since they are so awesome let's have a chance for both of these awesome packs.

We are going to play 1 round of 20 at Flaherty park, which consists of 1 round of shorts, and one round of longs. For those who know the course, the math might not add up. That's right we are going to add a hole to the great course for even more fun!!!

When registering you must pick a players pack to receive with your registration fee, and is the players pack you will use for the round.. That's right, you only get to use the three discs you receive.

What are we winning if we win? You get the trophy, and thats it!!! No prize money or prizes for winning. This is because we are going to have loads of prizes for the round itself, including a ctp or lp on every hole.

We must have at least 20 packs purchased for this event by September 10 for this event to happen. If 40 packs are purchased, we will add a basket to the mix as a prize so tell all your friends.

Refund policy

All cancellations are at td discretion for full refund. Any requests before september 9 will receive full refund, any requests after september 9th may recieve only partial to no refund due to order restrictions.


Flaherty Park
Watervliet, MI   Get Directions


Final Results

1Zax knight5656
2Rick stevens5959
3Darin Miller6060
3Sal Ruiz6060
3Will Jurek6060
6Travis hodgemier6161
7Ben Wier6262
7Kyle Westling6262
9Jack panozo6363
9Ryan Krinker6363
9Wes Taylor6363
12Andy Jegier6666
12Eric Friesner6666
12Ian Cherioli6666
12Josh Selby6666
16Justin Kuczmanski6767
17Nick Fletcher6868
18Victor Clark6969
19Charles C Raiff7171
20Nathan Fletcher7474
21Ethan Race7575
21Jeff Barchett7575
23Lexi Wells123123