First Annual Spin Out @ Spindler Park

Sunday, March 11, 2018 at Spindler Park in Eastpointe, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament



TDJustin Nellis
TDBrendan Lvingston
TDBob Barker

About this tournament

Cashless Pre Reg... $1 day off fee as a course donation! lol

Rewards will be directly after you finish at Kapones Bar and Grill 2 min away. You will take your score card directly to the bar to be calculated.

Remember it's daylight savings time and clocks SPRING FORWARD

This will be a kick off tournament for a new course on the east side of the state! This will also be the semi main layout that is almost approved by the city! We want to have a solid run through of the layout, and see how the course plays while having some fun! (Feedback is Encouraged, but may not happen to certain areas and other park facilities.

This will NOT be a championship level course, but there is going to be a few MANDOS and OBs to make it play a little harder. (Beginner Friendly) The player’s packs is championship level and listed below... FREE LUNCH (JETS PIZZA), and raffle will be well worth your time! We want to thank everyone in advanced for coming out to play as this will be a great time!

50/50 Ca$h CTP
Ace Pool
Small City Disc Golf CTP
Detroit Disc Co. CTP

Players Packs will have photos uploaded shortly.

1 Gatorade Towel ($12.95)
1 Disc of Choice from various brands ($10+)
1 Mini Disc ($4)
Free Lunch (Jet’s Pizza) "Priceless"
$5 From each player will be going towards course Baskets! (Thanks in advance)

-May Be More to come!


Glow Sexton
Jets Pizza Gift Card
Gatorade Towels
(15) Disc
(1) Disc From Tim Barham
(3) Disc from Skyler Stoker
(6) $20 local Bar Gift Cards
(1) Free Massage “Massage Green”
(10) Towels and Tuggers from Tony @ Detroit Disc Co!
(1) NFL SUPERBOWL 52 Backpack
(1) Mitten Bag
Upshot Disc Golf Swag!
Broken Oak Swag (Josh Cook)
Team Stoney Swag (Jeff Bauman)

Maybe more to come!

Winner Of Each Division will also get (1) NFL Super Bowl 52 Backpack donated by basketcase himself Phill Dilone


Raffle Donations Encouraged!


Why 24 holes?

This park has a HUGE sledding hill that is active when snows on the ground. This will be a 24 hole course with 12 baskets and 2 tee pads. Approximately 3 holes will not be playable in the winter months so it will turn into an 18 hole course with 2 tee pads per hole.

Refund policy

Phill Dilone is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Spindler Park
Eastpointe, MI   Get Directions

Final Results

1Christian Sersha8989
2Derek Michalak9393
3Jeff Novack9494
4Bob Turner9696
4John Allport9696
4Mike Jones9696
7Rob Dahmrn9797
8Jason Grobbel9898
9Josh Sell9999
10Duncan Underwood100100
11Levi Purrenhage101101
12Tim Dorhety104104
12Tom Grobbel104104
14Joe Pampalona105105
14John Thomas105105
14Mike Pampalona105105
17Ilya Newell106106
17Joe Mattina106106
17Jordan Sell106106
21David Banninger107107
21Josh McGrath107107
21Justin Nellis107107
24Andrew Myers108108
24Chuck Campanelli108108
24Mike Schiller108108
27Mike Karalla109109
27Nathan Underwood109109
29Nicholas Richardson112112
29Nick Rogers112112
31Brendan Livingston113113
31Brian Perryman113113
31Stevey Collins113113
34Mike Francisco114114
34Mike Pulsinelli114114
34Mike ""Chief" Battjes114114
37Paul Breaugh116116
39Ted Swarthout119119
40Jason Williams120120
41David Walls122122
41Jake Nellis122122
43Sa B123123
44Cory Burbank127127
45Ronnie Gardner129129
46Sebastian Oberst131131
47Kathryn Chappell138138
48Joe Gage141141
49Alycia Oz143143
50Jeff Place-0
50Keith Tanner-0
50Ryan Fradeneck-0
1Jeff Bauman8585
1Nate Wegryn8585
3Elijah Wykes8787
4Aaron Nitz8888
4Daymon Pugh8888
4Scott Slater8888
7Karl Schneider9292
8Will Freed9494
8Zack Fortuna9494
10Dalton Puckhaber9696
10Phill Dilone9696
10Rich Bidinger9696
13David Tomlinson9898
13Mike Fisher9898
15Jay Moyer101101
15Ron Jacobs101101
15Zack Dillinger101101
18Rob gibson102102
19Adam Werth103103
19Tim Van Hagen103103
21Bob Barker108108
22Josh Cook109109
22Travis Horner109109
24Marshall Bolitho116116
25Chelsey Murdock133133
26Crush R-0
26Dave Milewski-0
Pro Masters 50+
1Bob Turner9696
1Damond Evans9696
3Joe Levell100100
4John Minicuchi101101