Festivus 2023 Presented by Innova

Saturday, February 4, 2023 at Adair Park in Corvallis, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

Festivus 2023 Presented by Innova graphic
Added cash $250

About this tournament

Annual Winter tournament celebrating installation of the Adair course in January 2002. We will be using most of the winter layout with a few extra holes. This year will feature a 21 hole layout using the picnic shelters as tournament central and hole 14 will be a temp basket on a picnic table like a hole last year.
Please pack a lunch as Corvallis is too far to run during the lunch break unless you are lucky enough to be in the 1st groups done with round 1. Nearby food options are very limited.
Am players packs will include a custom stamped star plastic disc from Innova and an Innova Dewfly towel. Am scrip will be handled on site by Play It Again Sports, who will set up a tent to redeem scrip won at the event. Pro payouts will be in cash unless someone has to leave early in which case I will follow up with payout via paypal.

Refund policy

Willamette Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Adair Park
Corvallis, OR   Get Directions

Final Results

1Scotty Withers5454108$220
2Jarod The IslandĀ Gogal6052112$130
3Austin Koukal6057117
4Shaun Kirk6461125
5Dallas Trower7169140
1Justin Joers5755112$260
2Coury Coates6058118$140
2Jason J Pinkal6058118$140
4John Ollis6360123$90
5Mike Storrs6262124
6Billy Gaskill6664130
7Ross Robarge6666132
8Andy Boyle6272134
9Brent Cameron7068138
1Alan Ulibarri6562127$235
2Kelly Christiansen6365128$145
3Eric Smith6766133$110
4Jesse Grasseth6472136
5Greg Johnson7067137
5Matt Benotsch6770137
7Scott Hessel7468142
1Madison Tomaino6862130$210
2Kimberly Halsey7571146
3Carie Coleman7480154
1James Dawalt5763120$90
2Erik Ventura6365128$65
3Braden Shuler6764131$45
4Aaron Summers6666132
5Brad Hale6275137
6Logan Grasseth7466140
1Colin Van Der Hyde6463127$100
2Kalib Anglin6468132$90
3Ben Boyle6865133$60
3Dan Rockwell6469133$60
3Seth Minick7063133$60
6Jorge Ventura6569134$15
6Scott Swearinger6668134$15
8Carl Swanson6769136
9Jeremy Plummer6676142
10Phil Clark7373146
11Nick Almond7575150
12Trevor Luebbert7880158
13Ben Watkins--0
13Jeff Monette--0
1Adam Rud6562127$100
2Rob Dudenhoefer6865133$75
3Lonnie Drouhard6767134$50
4Mark Martin7268140$30
5Jerry Reller7370143
6Wayne Clark7175146
7Jonathan Buzzini7374147
8William Beaver7179150
9Mark Mckay9185176
1Robert Burton7271143$90
2Anthony Rizzo7972151$65
3Bryce Downey7777154$45
4Larry Peterson7880158
5Eugene Fackler7782159
6Mark S Turley7783160
7Don Alexander7785162
1Bo Ryan Crum6163124$100
2Trenton Luebbert6264126$90
3Charlie Simonds7060130$65
3Phil Dudenhoefer6268130$65
5Simon Dudenhoefer6270132$50
6Ben Dudenhoefer6964133$15
6Ross Lockhart6766133$15
8Jeff Roth7066136
9Trevor Chart7073143
10Dakota Trufant7767144
11Sheldon Peterson7675151
12Alex Peters7677153
13Andrew Lawson--0
13Sean Sellers--0
1Andrew Sweeny6369132$70
2Kris Leytem6866134$45
3Jude Sweeny7475149
4OSCAR HUNT7881159
1Nicole Fiscella7577152$30
1Yukari Martin96102198$60
2Lucy Ward115102217
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