Keep It Casual Disc Golf presents: The Fenwick Flex on the 4th

PDGA logoSaturday, July 4, 2020 at Lake Fenwick in Kent, Washington
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Keep It Casual Disc Golf presents: The Fenwick Flex on the 4th graphic
Added cash $250

About this tournament

Added cash will be split between Pro and Am divisions

Join us on July 4th to celebrate in style! This is a sanctioned, 1 round event with added cash to Pro and Am divisions! (This will be a charity C-Tier event: all non-PDGA fees are waived). Online pre-registration is required and all COVID related precautions (social distancing, tee times, online scoring, etc). will be observed in accordance with the PDGA.

From your $25 entry fee: $15 to payout, $8.50 to charity and $1.50 to event expenses and fees. Added cash will boost payouts for all divisions with 4+ players

This event is a great opportunity for first-time tournament players and seasoned competitors alike! Sign up today.

- I'd like to thank KEEP IT CASUAL Disc Golf for stepping up as a title sponsor!

- Mando's Pro Shop in Auburn will be vending our Am Payout and Tee Sponsor

- MVP Disc Sports has joined as a merch and Tee sponsor!

- Fairway Media has joined as a Tee Sponsor

- Eagles Wings Disc Golf has joined as a Tee Sponsor

- Chuck Mintz has joined as a Tee Sponsor

- Jerry Randall has also joined as a Tee Sponsor

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Refund policy

Tyler Schrock is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Tyler Schrock4848$90
2Curtis Ferrill5050$60
3Joseph Snyder5151$40
4Jerry Randall5252$25
4Zac Ruziska5252$25
6Trevor Hill5353
7Dana Etienne5555
8Jon Wills5656
9Ian Allen5858
9Mike Wills5858
11Kendrick Adams5959
Open Women
1Christine Huestis6464$15
1James Huestis5353$75
1Jason Kenway5353$75
3John Johnson5454$45
3Luke Mollerup5454$45
3Santeri Sibakov5454$45
6Axel Olson5656$35
7Cameron Wheeler5757$25
7Chase Pruitt5757$25
7Tim "Skip" Becker5757$25
10Dave Hardman5858$13
10Nazar Mohamed5858$13
12Eric Rodmyre5959
12Marques Alridge5959
12Nyef Mohamed5959
12Steve Chavez5959
16Jared Bogi6060
17Alec Bledsoe6262
17Eric Teachout6262
17Matt Oberstaller6262
20Kyle Ermatinger6565
21Andrew Oslin6868
22Tyler Rohm-0
1Bernie Smith5656$60
1Ryne Evans5656$60
3Joel Plocher5959$45
3Lucas Rodmyre5959$45
3Scott Romine5959$45
6Adam Romine6161$30
6Philip Saul6161$30
8Chuck Mintz6262$13
8Doug Moore6262$13
10Jacob O'Connell6464
11Kurt Geiger6565
12Devon Zueger6666
13Sam Plocher6767
14Danny Casey6969
15Jason Seagraves7171
15Jonathan Mollerup7171
17Rashid Abdul-Raheem8585
Intermediate Women
1Janice Bumgarner7676$30
2Music Villa9191