Fehringer Ranch - MVP Circuit Challenge

Saturday, July 1, 2017 at Fehringer Ranch in Littleton, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament


Fehringer Ranch - MVP Circuit Challenge graphic

About this tournament

Saturday July 1st 2017 at Fehringer Ranch DGC 10:00am

Entry Fee Is $30

We Will Have 4 Divisions: Open, Women, Recreational, and Juniors

Get ready for what may be the coolest disc golf event ever. The players pack alone makes the Circuit an amazing deal, the fun you will have will make this event priceless.

If you have not yet tried MVP GYRO technology, and want to experience unique new innovative golf discs, the MVP Circuit is the perfect opportunity.

Players Pack

All participants will receive this incredible player pack valued at more than $60. It includes:

Servo 16mm Fairway Driver in Plasma Plastic
Vector Overstable Midrange in Electron Plastic
Particle Putt & Approach in Neutron Plastic
Swag Pack with some awesome stuff.

Event Format

The event will comprise of three different phases. Points will be awarded for each phase, and the person with the most points at the end of the event wins the grand prize — 15cm diameter, 275g golden aluminum trophy disc.

Additional prizes sponsored by 303 Discs will be awarded to the winners of the Recreational, Women and Junior divisions.

Phase 1 – Putter Olympics

Putting Competition — Points will be awarded based on the number of putts made from each station. 10 putts from different locations. 1 point from each station. Players will participate in the putting competition as they check in.

Phase 2 – Fehringer Ranch 18 Hole Round

Play a standard disc golf round of 18 holes using only the 2016 MVP Circuit stamped discs.

Points will be awarded based on overall score. (100 - Your score. For example, if you shoot a 60, you would get 40 points (100 - 60 = 40.)

Phase 3 – Driver Showcase

Distance Contest – How far can you throw with a Gyro disc? Ten longest drives will all be awarded points.
If there is a tie, a sudden death putting competition will be used to determine the winner.

CTP Contest – How close to the pin can you get? The ten closet to the pin will be awarded points.

Optional Add Ons

Ace Pot – There will also be an optional $2 Ace Pot. If you get an Ace you win (or share the pot with any other Aces). If there are no aces, the Ace Pot will be decided by a CTP competition.

Purchase additional MVP Discs – As part of the MVP circuit, you will have access to additional unreleased MVP discs with the Circuit stamp. These additional discs can be used during your circuit competition including the driving showcase.

About the Player’s Pack Discs


Neutron Plastic
• Durable & Grippy
• Vivid Opaque Core
• Our original Premium material

11mm Rim Putter Class
More to be announced


Electron Plastic
• Wearable & Extremely Grippy
• All-Weather Medium & Soft blends
• NEW Baseline material

13mm Rim Midrange Class
• Fast and smooth 21.5cm diameter midrange driver
• Responsive overstable flight for broad power spectrum


Plasma Plastic
• Metallic sheen on core plastic
• Semi-gummy, grippy flex polymer
• Highly durable premium blend

17mm Rim Fairway Class Driver
• Flawless late glide for maximum distance
• Pinpoint accuracy for both low and high power throwers

Directions To Park • Satellite Imagery of Fehringer Ranch Park
From S. Kipling and W. Quincy, drive west on W. Quincy until you reach S. Nelson St. Turn right onto S. Nelson until you reach the entrance to the park.

Adjacent Subdivisions
Mount Carbon Park Estates and Lakehurst Village

Park Description
Fehringer Ranch Park is an open space park with natural surface trails, a loop trail and an 18-hole disc golf course. The Weaver Creek Regional Trail extends to the southwest from Fehringer Ranch Park.

Refund policy

303 Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

1Kyle Geitner61.00
2Joshua Matheison59.00
3Chase Bolin58.00
4Dylan O'Malia51.00
4Tyler Cooper51.00
6John Bommarito49.00
7Mike McCulloch47.00
8Andrew Wallace46.00
8Gus Bacque46.00
10Travis McAlexander41.00
Open Women
1Anna Small38.00
2Alyssa Fyke27.00
3Nichole Cristee10.00
1Brian Elander52.00
2Nicholas Engleman51.00
3Clintin Miller50.00
3Michael Hughes50.00
3Patrick Payer50.00
3Ray Acree50.00
7Cameron Thompson49.00
7Randy Ortiz49.00
9Damon Card48.00
9Joe Maestas48.00
11David Donahue47.00
11Geffy De La Rosa47.00
11Luke Hardcastle47.00
11Rod Bressler47.00
11Shawn Wessels47.00
11Zach Ring47.00
17Jack Robbins46.00
17Mark J46.00
17Richard Sandoval46.00
20Jon Sheppard45.00
20Trenton Sanford45.00
22Alex Luksik44.00
22Dan Satogkit44.00
22Drew McCullough44.00
22Shaun McNulty44.00
26Codi Moses43.00
26Tommy Johnson43.00
28Jacob Petitpas42.00
28Matthew Mullersman42.00
28Thomas LaFiura42.00
31Jon Wegner41.00
31Josh Waits41.00
33Corey Sanford40.00
34Andrew Norris38.00
34James Parpal38.00
36Jason Buttrill36.00
37Bryan Inglis35.00
37Logan Brown35.00
39Anthony Santistevan34.00
39Chris Nelson34.00
41Chayton Martin33.00
42Leokesh Santistevan22.00
43Nicholas Clough11.00
44Josh Frees
44Sean Savitt
Junior II - Boys
1Cameron Thompson43.00
2Elijah Rodriguez23.00