Farm Classic Day 1 (MPM MA1 MA3 MG1)

PDGA logoSaturday, August 12, 2017 at Flip City in Shelby, Michigan
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Farm Classic Day 1 (MPM MA1 MA3 MG1) graphic


Course Maintenance Dan Gipe

About this tournament

No Cashless Registration
If you do not register prior to the tournament and wish to register the day of there will be a $5 day of fee.

Payments may be made directly to TD or mail them to:

Mason Co Disc Golf Org
PO Box 187
Scottville, MI 49454

Of your Registration $ PDGA fee $3, JBPS Fee $2 and Private Course Fee $3

Finals JBird Players Series

2 Rounds of 24 Holes
MDGO Feature Event 9 Discraft Michigan Championships Berths
First 45 to register will receive an extra disc from Discraft. (Combined both days. Limit 1 per weekend)

Selling of Disc Golf related item is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from tournament. You have been warned.

To help address the sandbagging issues at the Michigan State Championships;
a. For the Am2/Am3 (including the women) divisions in Featured Events, if there is a player that takes 1st or 2nd place and that player has never had a PDGA membership the Featured Event will deduct from that player’s payouts $35 to cover the cost of buying them a PDGA membership.
b. The remaining $10 was initially paid by the player at entry.
c. The last missing $5 is because the MDGO is an Affiliate Club.
d. Non-current PDGA members do not apply.

This was passed to address the issue of players not having player ratings. Even if they are not current, the TD does get a file from the PDGA that includes the player's rating.

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event at 14 or less days from the start of the event will receive a 100% cash refund minus up to a 10% handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled through either the waitlist or a walkup entry (if offered.) If the player’s spot is NOT filled, the TD has the choice to provide EITHER a 25% cash refund OR just the player’s pack they would have received if they had attended (minus up to 10% of the player pack value to cover handling and shipping.) In the case of a player in a Pro division for an event without a Pro player pack worth at least 25% of the Entry Fee, the TD will provide the 25% cash refund.
Players who do NOT officially request to withdraw from a registered spot playing in the event and don’t play (aka a no-show), forfeit their entry fee and do NOT receive a refund or players pack.

Refund policy

Mason County Disc Golf Org. is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

PDGA results at
Round 1: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
Round 2: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
1Scott Scholten6469133
2Chris Stone6473137
3Brad Rathkamp7271143
4Tom Oele7372145
5Casey Cook7378151
6Gregory Klein7879157
Round 1: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
Round 2: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
1Sam Vandergraaf6474138
2Ferrel Mejeur6971140
2Matthew Bloom7070140
4Cameron Benak7467141
4Travis Prueter6675141
6Michael McGinnis7668144
7Jason Rocks7175146
7Ronald Jacobs6977146
9Bentasi Forgwe7275147
10Patrick Van Tuinen7672148
10Trent Omness7474148
12Todd Tracy7376149
13Blaze Tomich7080150
13Christopher Koontz7476150
15Dan Kuipers7576151
15Murdock Proctor7576151
17Philip Lyon7577152
17Zach Dillinger7577152
19Brett Buntjer7479153
20Jory Koopman7876154
20Spencer Gee7975154
22Tyler Alfano7681157
23Eric Best8377160
24David Tomlinson8480164
25Alan Urban78888966
Advanced Grandmaster
Round 1: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
Round 2: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
1Craig Clingan7972151
2Dan E. Smith7881159
3Randy Shide-Arm Shideler8280162
3Wayne Van Tuinen7983162
5Paul Thurston9897195
6Steve Swart10196197
Advanced Senior Grandmaster
Round 1: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
Round 2: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
1Michael Stump8178159
2Ron Sampson8686172
Round 1: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
Round 2: Flip City - Pro tees, 24 holes, par 73
1Mike Shields7371144
2Brian Cantrell7571146
3Will Vanlangevelde7374147
4Chad Cole7871149
5Ryan Kenny7179150
6Aaron O'Dea7873151
6Ian Hamilton7576151
6Tom Anderson7774151
9Brennan Pietrowski7379152
9Chuck Rau7874152
9Travis Dixon7676152
12Joseph Deur7677153
12Tom Bos7776153
14Douglas Smith7877155
14Joshua Klompstra7679155
16Brian Poling7680156
16Matthew Buckhout8076156
16Matthew LaVarier8175156
16Nick Vourlitis7878156
20Mario Martinez8077157
20Matthew Poling8176157
22Justin Westhuis7880158
22Trevor Hofman8078158
24Christopher Jacobs7980159
24Kyle Newman7881159
24Travis Tol8079159
24Troy Alan7980159
28Dillon Fortune7882160
28Erik Newton7882160
28Shane Robinson7981160
31Brent Steenstra7685161
32Caleb Peters8082162
32Rey Pena8280162
32Ryan Smith7785162
35Dirk Kuipers8479163
35Jason Glover8083163
35Jason Storm8083163
38Adam Raphael8581166
39Chad LeBaron8681167
39Colin Cran8483167
39Roaric Clark8186167
42Joseph Israels8682168
42Robert Crosby8583168
44Dustin Funk8485169
45Andrew Pastoor8981170
45Roger May9080170
47Darwin Beebe8289171
47John Chea8388171
47John Page8784171
47Kyle Clarey8289171
51Lance Rogers8192173
52Adam Sikkenga9086176
53Nick Otten9287179
54James Heersema9190181
55Tom Samborski96103199
56Adam Buntjer--0