FREE Kuhl Discs Open

Saturday, March 2, 2019 at Pioneer Park in Stayton, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is a free tournament hosted by Kuhl Discs.

This is:
- A 2 max Mid Range disc tournament BYOD with a speed of 4 and/or 5
Don't forget marker and towel.
-Six winners get prizes. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th....)
-Ring of fire!
-Ace Pool!
-You pick group! (Max of 4 or 5 per card)
-Basic OB with a twist! (Will talk more about it there)

Refund policy

Kuhl Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results


$64.00 for Hole 6 on Main course, 9 holes x2 (18 holes)
1David Jackson211839
2Robert Littrell211940
3TJ Mills202141
4Christopher Beltran232043
5Mike Wilson212344
6Derick Cannon232245
6Jesus Cruz222345
8Alex Kantner232346$64
9John Schleufer232346
10Jonathan Ford232447
10Remi Olvera232447
10Roy Elliott242347
10Steve Egler232447
14Brandon Whitney232548
14Gary Erwin282048
14Matt Coll252348
14Scott Kuhl252348
18Amanda Bresee242549
18Jerry Porter232649
18Laurence Anderson262349
18MARK MCKAY242549
18MR. David Hooper232649
18Noah Kuhl242549
18Scott Bresee262349
25Jonathan Goheen272350
27David Thompson242751
27Zachary Teuscher262551
29Wayne Harvey262753
30Troy Mariner292554
31David Hooper282856
32Cameron Teuscher292857
32Steven Tate302757
32William Thompson292857
35Tim Alvey312859
36Dennis Swanson263460
36Gena Ynclan293160
38Brennan Baker313263
39Allison Bresee323264