F3 @ Bad Rock Creek Park

PDGA logoFriday, May 7, 2021 at Bad Rock Creek @ Stocksdale Park in Liberty, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

The F3 Series is a series of community-focused Disc Golf Tournaments. These are designed for players who like to compete and/or players who want to experience tournament disc golf before jumping into a larger-scale event.

Each event will have a set sum allocated to a specific event or project to help in the fundraising efforts.

This event will be raising money for the:
Midwest Amateur Championship ($2 per player)
Kansas City Diva's ($2 per player)

This event is 1 Round of 18 holes at Bad Rock Creek Disc Golf Course in Liberty, MO. It is a Flex Start from 12-6:00p. Flex Start means you can start anytime between 12 and 6:00 pm. You must be tee'd off no later than 6:00 pm. You can bring your own group or we can help find you a group. This is a PDGA C Tier event, so all groups should be between 3 and 5 players.

Walk-up registration will be welcomed as long as there is room. Registration must still be completed through Disc Golf Scene.

2 players will be required to complete a division with the exception of women and juniors. If there are less than 2, I will automatically merge the player with the corresponding available division.

All pro players will have payout distributed via PayPal goods and services. If a player would rather have cash, they can select that option and make arrangements with the TD to be picked up at future F3 Series events. Any payout held for more than 60 days will be forfeited.

All Amateur players will have a payout for the top 45% of all divisions distributed via store credit with either Dynamic Discs Kansas City or Truly Unique Disc Golf. Vouchers expire at the end of 2021. It will be available to be used within 48 hours of the end of the event.

This event will have $4 overall deducted from the entry fee.

The official scoring will be done via www.pdga.com/scores. The access code will be given at check-in. A second scorecard is required as well, which can be done via paper or UDisc, but the PDGA scoring is the official scoring that must be turned in.

All ties will split any payout evenly. Tie Breakers do not need to be broken

CTP Buy-In:
Each event has a $2 CTP Buy-In. We will do our best to select a hole that we think is reachable by most players. The winner of the CTP will get a disc of their choice from the F3 Bin of discs, valued at a minimum of $19.99 retail. Depending on how many players selected to be a part of the CTP, we may have more than 1 hole for more than 1 prize.

Every player who is in the Ace Payout will have a chance at winning a $300 Ace Payout for a hole in 1. If an Ace is not hit during the event, it will be added to the overall Ace Payout Pot.

Any properly requested refunds prior to the event will be refunded $16 ($4 from each entry will still go towards the cause that the event is being played for) or the player can elect to have it moved to another F3 event. If a player cancels on the day of the event, the registration will be moved over to the next event. Any no-call, no-shows, forfeit their entry fee altogether.

Bad Weather:
If the weather looks bad eneough, we may have to decide to cancel the event. If we decide to cancel the event, your entry will be added to a future F3 event that works best for you. (Refer to the refund policy for more details)

F3 Membership:
Essentially becoming an F3 Member, you are becoming a sponsor of the F3 series which once again the main goal is to fundraise for community projects. Each week, we fundraise for two projects. Most of the time as of now, it is the Midwest Amateur Championship and the Kansas City Wide Open, but we will also sprinkle in some other events/projects as they are requested.

It cost $20 to be an F3 member from April until the end of September (basically, league season). Each F3 event we will do a drawing for your choice of $25 cash or a Prize that is worth $25 or more. At the first F3 event of the month starting in May, we will do a monthly drawing for your choice of $100 cash or a prize that is worth $100 or more. On September 30th, we will do a Grand Prize drawing of $500 in cash. Depending on how many F3 members we receive, that value may go up or we may offer more prizes based on participation. Any remaining funds will be donated to the Midwest Amateur Championships

We will have the weekly drawing even if there is not an F3 event that week.

As a Bonus, every member gets entered into the drawing for an additional time every time they participate in an F3 event.

The current membership expires on September 30th, 2021. It is non-refundable.

Remember even though being an F3 member, you have a chance at winning some stuff, you are also helping the community

For more information, follow us on Facebook.

Refund policy

UnderPar DiscGolf Promotions is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Any refund request prior to the event will be refunded $16, regardless of the reason. The $4 non-refundable amount will be applied to the event/project that this event is raising money for. If you are unable to make the event for any reason, you can also request to have your entry moved to a future week. We will hold those entry credits until the end of September.

If weather causes an event to be cancelled/postponed, your entry will be added on credit towards a future F3 event. If a future F3 event does not work for you, you may request a full refund.

Any day of refunds will be applied to a future F3 Series event. Any no-call no-shows will forfeit their entry, regardless of the situation.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/51584
1Jitt Belcher4848$63
2Jason Flook5050$43
3Mark Komoroski5252$26
3Trevor Wood5252$26
5AJ Stosich5454$18
6Courage Davis5555
7JT Nixon5656
8Austin Penca5858
8David Klasser5858
10Fabian Venegas6363
11Seth Nelson6666
1David Boone5454$30
2Roman Davis6060$18
3Carl Aufner6363
1Aaron Fowler5252$55
1Austen Cummins5252$55
1Tyler Rusboldt5252$55
4Alex Mieir5353$36
5Zach Cross5454$29
6Dillan Mitchell5555$24
7Brett Main5656$20
8Cody Lee5757$15
8Dylan Nimrod5757$15
10Matt Long5858
11Daniel Most5959
11Thomas Ostaszewski5959
13Jeffrey (Gabo) Toro6060
13Mario Ortiz6060
15Derek Poore6161
15Justin Brisco6161
17Chris Graves6262
17John Wildman6262
19Alex Mense6868
1Matthew Jenkins5555$46
2Cory Scheer5656$29
3Brad Scott5757$21
4Dennis Knight6060$16
5Kevin Amaro6161
6Ricardo De Leon6969
7Brandon Brown7373
1Bryan Rezen5454$53
2Mike Allison5555$33
3Steve Stansberry5757$24
4Jeff Gradinger5858$18
5Joe Giovagnoli6060
6Curtis Wright6666
7Mark Williams8080
8Chris Stockton8787
1Ronald Lawson4949$53
2Alex Banning5252$49
3Todd Thurman5353$45
4Kyle Kelley5656$41
5Dan Maynard5757$35
5Luke Bradley5757$35
7Jeff Elliott5858$28
7Stephen Slocum5858$28
9Dennis Hall5959$22
10Charlie Peters6060$17
10Dustin Klein6060$17
12Bud Clark6161
12Dalton McBee6161
12Samuel Anderson6161
15Jayme Wallingford6262
15Max Peters6262
15Tim Kerns6262
183Paul Nesmith6363
18Dallas Williams6363
18Nick Young6363
21Zach Griffith6868
22Jesse Johnson7272
23Connor Stephens7575
1Cory Wilkes5656$55
2Brody Rezen5757$50
3Derek Ozkal5959$48
4Jeremy Zimmer6060$37
4Justin Becker6060$37
4Logan Farrimond6060$37
4Nicholas Foley6060$37
4Parker Niemeyer6060$37
4Tyler Bushman6060$37
10Marcus Wolfenbarger6161$29
11Brian Stewart6363$16
11Dustin Alexander6363$16
11John Fowler6363$16
11Keith Yoho6363$16
11Marcus Heilig6363$16
16Miles Coleman6464
17Derek Williams6565
18Chris Lillich6767
19Jonathan Hollar7070
20Andrew Barnes7171
20David Huber7171
20Sam Sportsman7171
23Cody Smith7272
23Jesse Spence7272
23Jonny Main7272
23Mike Schutz7272
27Jeremy Slaughter7575
28Shaun Carter8383
29Kevin Dunn8787
29Sam Slaughter8787
1Rachel Price6767$16
1Robert Holt5858$32
2Isaac Scheer5959
1Connor Schluben7575$16
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