Eventy McEventface - A 2019 Tunnel Runner Opening Day

PDGA logoSaturday, January 19, 2019 at Roots DGC in Salt Lake City, Utah
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Eventy McEventface - A 2019 Tunnel Runner Opening Day graphic


Tournament DirectorAlex Covey
Assistant TDNoel Covey
Assistant TDTom Kik

About this tournament

Jumpin' jahosafats! It's 2019 already?! Well, I guess that means we get to start all over again. Yep! The past is behind us and there's nothing but open road ahead. Wow... So romantic...

Here's the deal. We have a lot of people in our club these days, and I want to make sure everyone gets a good chance to play at this event. How can we do that at just one course? We can't! Instead, we'll do this at two courses That's right! You heard me! TWO COURSES! That means we'll be splitting the divisions between the two courses and also splitting the tags by odds and evens. Odds will be given out at one course, and evens will be given at the other. If you really really want to get that #1 tag, you'll have to challenge the guy/gal who takes it down.

About the tournament

Course assignments!
Roots: MPO, MA2, MP40, FA1, MA4, MP50, MA50, FA2

Creekside: MA1, MA3, MA40, FPO, FA50, FA3

Registration for this event pays for your 2019 Tunnel Runners membership. AMs and Pros alike. If you have already paid your 2019 dues, you will be refunded $20 from the club.

Locations(s): Roots and Creekside
**Course assignment TBD (as of 03Jan19)

Format: Singles play. One round.

Prizes: AMs will play for tags and bragging rights. Pros will play for tags and cash.

Ace Pot: This pot will be large! Friday's league ace pot will be up for grabs at this event, but only if someone actually hits an ace. No way are we giving all that delicious greenery away at a throw-off. Oh behave! If you were curious, it's $458. There will be a throw-off for any ace fees paid at registration (course specific) if no one hits an ace. Aces during playoffs count! Obviously, the super ace won't be thrown off. You gotta hit that.

Refunds: Look in the rule book to understand how refunds work. I'm doing it just like the PDGA says. https://www.pdga.com/files/pdga-competition-manual-rev-2018-a_0.pdf

Refund policy

Alex Covey is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.