Busler's Disc Golf Pro Shop presents the Evansville Open XVI sponsored by MVP Discs and the University of Southern Indiana

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 17-18, 2023 at Mesker Park in Evansville, Indiana
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Busler's Disc Golf Pro Shop presents the Evansville Open XVI sponsored by MVP Discs and the University of Southern Indiana graphic
Added cash $750

About this tournament

Caddy Book Available at https://www.aedgc.org/evo.html

Welcome to Evansville Open XVI, an Evansville Disc Golf tradition! We are proud to be hosting this 2-day, 3-round PDGA B-tier. $750 added cash to pro divisions! Three rounds on three courses for a true taste of Evansville Disc Golf, this event will be a fun and competitive celebration of disc golf and the city of Evansville. Changes this year are bringing USI back into the event as well as highlighting businesses local to Evansville. We are also focusing on part of Evansville's history by highlighting the P-47, which was produced in the former Whirlpool factory during World War II. For more information on this topic, please visit p47foundation.org.

All times listed in event schedule and Day 2 tee times are Central.

Pool A: MPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, MA1, MA40, MA50, and MA2
Pool A will play the original Mesker Park layout.

Pool B: All other divisions
Pool B will play the Mesker Shorts layout.

All players will play the same layout at Woodmere.

All player will play from the same tees at USI; one key difference will be a temp basket on hole 9 making it a little longer, following the path toward Hole 10's tee, for Pool A.

Pool A will play USI and Mesker Park on Saturday
Pool B will play Mesker Park and USI on Saturday.
Both pools will play Woodmere on Sunday.

Pools subject to change pending registration numbers.

AM Player Pack: MVP Disc, Mini, RipIt Grip pad, Shirt, and more.

All Ams registered by June 1st will guarantee their shirt size.

All Pro payouts will be made through PayPal.

Player fees: $3 PDGA fee, $2 to bathroom rentals, $2 to trophies. $1 donation to the Evansville P-47 Foundation.

Amateur and Junior Divisions: $40 to cover player pack purchases, remainder to payouts.

MA4, FA4, and Junior divisions are reduced entry fee and will be playing for trophy only.

Divisions with three or more players by June 7th will be awarded a trophy.

This is one event in the Indiana Summer Series and a chance to qualify for the Indiana State Championship in Nashville this September.

Please check back often as we add more exciting elements to the weekend!

Refund policy

Ace Eagle DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. For details about the refund policy, please visit aedgc.org/EVO or https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tfxMIN73es5955BV7wysMrY7uf-sxCAGevFg0fy0i0A/view


Mesker Park
Evansville, IN   Get Directions
Woodmere DGC
Evansville, IN   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/70294
1Michael Holland425050$460
2Logan Marshall435149$266
2Caden Schmitt445049$266
4Joel Bibble435348$143
4Phil McGuire474849$143
6Kyle Lancaster455448
7Justin Compton504953
7Isaac Merrell435257
7Michael Waradzyn505349
10Polo Navarro486251
11Kyle Armstrong456060
1Keo Sabengsy475150$218
2Matt Nance525254$130
3Ronnie Wilson485755
1Brock Beeney575962$116
1Rick Mitchell515960$116
1Brittney Rizen525665$116
1Jacob Bartok434950
2Evan Riley455249
3Aaron Altstadt505253
4Marco Butturi485456
4Jeremy Fulcher485456
6Caleb McDowell495952
7Derek Hartweck495755
1Ben Verkamp464852
2Keven Nutt465352
3James Melchiors555150
4Brian Lynn545659
5Brad Schmitt506563
6Ricky Decker616968
1Jack Rudibaugh575761
1Ryan Aders505850
2Alan Smith465657
2Micah Stanley505653
4Luke Riley505753
5Cody Hostetler475856
6Kody Merrell486157
7Tyler Brenton515858
7Jake Reeverts506057
9Mitchell Henderlong496062
9Andrew Hess555759
11Michael Pearl596055
12Matt Clampitt575961
12Andrew Kay505968
12Robert Miller556161
15Marcus A Carter595763
16Corey Hostetler576961
17Joey Groves537462
18Ross Andrews697774
1Addison Smith474762
2Trey Brazell505159
2Connor Hammond525355
4Thomas Banter515259
5Jonathan Kolar495460
6Alex Baxter555257
7Jesse Horney515660
7Jared Swanson555260
9Brad Howard515959
10Jamie Miller565361
10Anthony Rehmet605159
10Rodney Travis565361
13Charles Freimiller545661
14Jerry Bowen545860
14Evan Dean565165
14Matt Latham565264
17Zachary Wilderman535862
18Bryce Schepers575464
19Cory Burden635162
19Jonathan Parkerson615461
21Joe Godbey595266
21Brent Stillabower555765
23Cory Brown576462
25Trent Stemp576265
26Mike Wagner625568
1Khai Willard565058
2Travis Parkerson525359
3Stephen Sims555457
4Nicholas Soellner515165
5Tyson Steele575361
6Matt Hopkins555463
7Benjamin Rehmet595460
8Kent Blue585562
8Noah Satterly595462
10Shawn Montgomery575961
10Kevin Riemenschneider575763
12Clint Meier585772
13Charles Martin616168
14Curtiss Woosley725767
15Brandon Blythe716668
16Dwain Short667382
17Curtis Anderson7493999
1Jaima Cartwright525664
2Katie Yelm545862
1Jennie Weigand696772
1Sarah Hostetler626872
2Melanie Reed747179
3Leslie Hostetler747481
4Courtney Hostetler766986
5Alina Melcher857680
1Ryan Decker636073
1Deacon Dupps525558
2Kayson Schultz566062
3Eli Blue635772
4Chase Martin816873
1Nolan Waters555764
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