“Etowah Trilogy Challenge”

Saturday, July 24, 2021 at Riverside Park in Cartersville, Georgia
Disc golf singles tournament

“Etowah Trilogy Challenge” graphic

About this tournament

It’s getting close!!

Trilogy is a great entry into this sport and also a great challenge for seasoned players to throw new discs they are unaccustomed to throwing! This will be a 20 hole single round event. We may add an additional round for $5 if there is interest where you’ll get to pick 1 additional disc. Bring your friends who have never played and come have a fun day.

The players pack is worth the price of admission. You get a driver (Sapphire) a midrange (Warship) a putter (Emac Judge) a mini and a towel. My fingers got tired just from typing all the stuff in the players pack!

This will be a shotgun start (10:00 am). There will be several included CTP’s for discs and a $5 ace/CTP pot.

Refund policy

Boyz n the Woodz is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

There will be a $10 fee for all refunds and after order is placed 7/1/21, refund will be held until your spot is filled and paid for.


Riverside Park
Cartersville, GA   Get Directions


Current Standings

1Cody Greeson
2Jerry Luzar
3Jared Sledge
4James Neal
4Jeff Gary
4Lorenz Dickinson
7Eric Sayban
8Chad Duncan
9Zachary Kay
10Robert Gullick
11Chris Chapman
1AJ Ervin
1Adam Mullis
1Kyle Christenberry
1Victor Esvang
1Westley Heagy
6Francisco Perez
7Azeem Feroz
7Grayson Roberts
7Josh Auer
10Roger Wilson
11John Rigdon
12Marty Pardue
12Zach Bain
14Evan Brewer
14Lance Marvel
14Rick Smith
14Travis McGhee
18Jim Wallace
18Mark Strong
18Nick Nutley
18Sean Hynes
18William Faust
23Baylor Alred
23Cameron Carter
23Chris Dambach
23David Schoonmaker
23Justin Dambach
23Miles Bays
23Nicholas Bays
23Todd Roberts
31Chris Mignone
31Chris Robertson
31Nick Hokkanen
31Ryan Utley
31Will Bowling
31Zac Cronic
37Brian Szabela
37Gumbie Wilson
37Hasan Iqbal
37Trey Speight
41Jace Harris
41Jacob Brown
41Jadranko Beslic
41Jeff Hyatt
41Joe O'Bert
41Kelly Tucker
41Kent Palmer
48Cody Schultz
48Dwayne Carter
48Matthew Allred
51Gabriel Kleschick
51Gary R.
51James Swanson
51Josh Gwyn
55Benjamin Bowling
55James Stephens
55Jimmy Wallace
55Tom Bowen
59Joseph Dowden
60Giovanny Perez
60Michael Romans
60Randy Allen
60Travis Hunt
64Jonathan Ridikas
65Shane Deyo
65Uzair Feroz
67Ayden Jimmie
67Gavin Redd
69David Kolb
69James Chaindrews
71Luke Hokkanen
71Sean Sweeney
73Jonathan Norton
74Donald Walters
74Steven Helbling
76Greg Browning
77Greg Alred
77Jonathan Neill
79Keith Arroyo
79Kevin Griffith
81Jordan Mitten
81Maahir Murad
83Max Langston
84Harrison Caswell
85Brayden Browning
86Jesse Feller
Recreational Women
1Emily Kolb
2Lauren Ford
3Claudia Garcia
4Lily Sheppard