Etowah Fall Classic - Sponsored by Drowned Valley Brewing - Powered by Prodigy

PDGA logoSaturday, November 4, 2023 at Riverside Park in Cartersville, Georgia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Etowah Fall Classic - Sponsored by Drowned Valley Brewing - Powered by Prodigy graphic


Tournament DirectorMatt Zollitsch
Tournament DirectorZach Andreasen
Tournament DirectorNolan Rodack

About this tournament

Welcome to the Etowah Fall Classic - Sponsored by Drowned Valley Brewing! This is a 2 round B-Tier AM only event, Saturday Nov 4th, 2023.

Players Pack: Prodigy Winter Beanie, Momentum Polo Shirt, 2 Custom Stamped Discs and Trophies for Top 3 of Each Division.

Two rounds with after party and awards! Complimentary Drowned Valley Beer on tap.

Pool A Etowah Start, Deerfield Finish
MA40, MA50, MA55, MA60, MA65, MA70

Pool B Deerfield Start, Gatewood Finish
MA3,MA4, MJ18, FJ18, FA1,2,3

Pool C Gatewood Start, Etowah Finish
MA1, MA2

(Pools subject to change)

October 29th Final date to be able to get a shirt

Divisional participation will be evaluated. Caps may be adjusted based on division registration numbers. Initial registration will be four per card but may go to five per card.

On Friday afternoon we will have early check-in and a PDGA Sanctioned Best Shot Doubles.

Be a Hole Sponsor for $15. Have your name/biz at chosen Tee Box. Please email logos/info to [email redacted].

Air B & B:

The best place to camp would be Red Top Mountain State Park:

Refund policy

Prodigy Disc, Inc. is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

We are honored and excited to keep Sam’s tradition alive…


Riverside Park
Cartersville, GA   Get Directions
Gatewood Park
Cartersville, GA   Get Directions
Cartersville, GA   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Joseph Stapf5659115
1Matt White5659115
3Noah Smith6354117
4Bradly Nolan6058118
4Michael Hanna Jr6256118
4Shannon W Smith6454118
7Briggs Williams6159120
7Dayne Zimmerman6159120
7Fisher Gibson5763120
7Jonathan Rollins6159120
11Adrian Fraire6457121
11Brian Damerow6160121
13Josh Auer6360123
13Stephen Coriell6360123
15Jackson Baer6361124
15Tait Morgan6361124
15Tristan West6163124
18Tom Tabor6263125
19Casey Malone6464128
19Max Voytenko6563128
21Austin Collett6466130
21Elijah Stevens6862130
21Julio Cisneros6565130
24Corey Nickles6665131
25Brynn Sammons6963132
25Elijah Wilson7161132
25Giovanny Perez6468132
25Wrane White6864132
29Jakob Ivakhov7162133
30Sheldon Smith7462136
31Alex Jonte7565140
1Chas Liebl6254116
2Keith K6259121
3Zach Bain6758125
4Eric Hogue6858126
5Ryan Nichols6960129
6Warren Adams6566131
7Kevin Null7062132
8Brandon S Howard6766133
9Jason Lancaster7064134
10David Wilson6674140
11Danny Phillips7574149
1David Duncan6060120
1James Phillips6456120
3Victor Poole6459123
4Jim Gibson6262124
4Robert Gullick6559124
4Tony Giarrusso6361124
7Chris Seawright6362125
8Richard Van Manen6462126
9Charles Rayburn6563128
10Jason Gann7059129
10Matthew Granic6564129
12Edward Powell6466130
13Lee M Hartzheim6962131
14Andy Conaway6964133
14Andy Smith7063133
14Brian Grubbs6964133
17Brian Gordon7064134
17Miles Bays6965134
19Roger Wilson7265137
20Roger Sutherland7468142
21Henrik Nielsen7271143
22Chris Lawson8074154
22Paul R Beckett8074154
24Robb Phillips8777164
1John Gray6759126
2Scott Homberg6661127
3Gary LaDuca6662128
4Michael Eldridge6663129
4Peter Charlton6564129
6Bruce MacDonald6862130
7Stan Hula7062132
8Norman Ddinser6568133
9Warren Sharp7264136
10Mike Foradori6869137
11Pat Stanton7367140
11Steve Sloan7466140
13Peter St Pierre6873141
13Tom Stanton7467141
15Don Ahearn7667143
16Lee Cook7174145
17Alan Chapman7967146
18Paul Mehlberg8379162
19Kieth Prentice8183164
1Kent Palmer7262134
2Jim Cunningham7465139
3Sam Barfield7470144
4Tommy Sammons7672148
5John Christy7476150
6David Roberts8679165
1Matthew Bunn6655121
2Mitch Brown5963122
3Justin Daman5766123
4Travis Welch6559124
5Cameron Cutlip6659125
6Alex Chinuntdet6561126
6Matthew Hanson6561126
8Joey Young6562127
8Michael Hayes6562127
10Brandon Williams6564129
10Cody Ayers6762129
10Daniel Montgomery7257129
10Matt Mehlberg6762129
14Benjamin McMains6862130
14Trent Saldivar6466130
16Jeff Nalley6764131
16Luke Sindall6467131
18Christian Perez6963132
18Joshua Kimbell6666132
20Benjamin H Verdery7064134
20Jeramie Hoff6965134
22PJ Williams6967136
22Preston Dwyer7264136
24Andy Chinuntdet6671137
24Baylor Alred7463137
24Parth Mody6869137
24Rob Munro7463137
28Chris Cronk7268140
29Andrew Reich7764141
29Joe Armstrong7269141
31Jacob Zimmerman6973142
31Michael Whitlock7369142
33Ben LaForge7568143
34Jonathan M Butler7272144
35Connor Smith7276148
36Galen Mcclelland7871149
37Wilson Paez8680166
38Chris Reynolds69-69
1Mark Johnson5867125
1Neal Raines6065125
3Sean Max6067127
4Erik Aderhold6068128
5Henry Tabor6168129
6Aaron Anderson6368131
6Matt Clark6170131
6Noah Pritchett6170131
9Calvin Teague6369132
9Jeff Weber6765132
9Nick Nutley6369132
9Scott Gannon6468132
13BJ Drohan6667133
13Kevin Michael Skurski5875133
15Jacob Wright6767134
15Mike Mollica6569134
17Chris Godfrey6768135
18Aaron Cutlip6373136
18Jeremy Doxtater6571136
20Luke Johnson6869137
20Patrick Mcginty6374137
22Joseph Nowak6771138
23Dean Coy6673139
23Nathan Wilson6970139
25Josh McKinney6773140
26Colin Grant6776143
26Mike Max7073143
28Eric Bright6976145
29JD Dean6780147
30Jon Woodman7279151
31Steve Mollica7282154
32Caleb Parker8481165
33Sebastian Puga8694180
1Evan Garner6172133
2Joe Bouk6373136
3Donald Austin6476140
3Joe Fouts7070140
5Patrick Lowery6675141
6Rodney Meadows7272144
7Joel Wing7973152
1Krista Baer7072142
2Aleta Nowak7573148
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