"Etowah 2021 Masters"

PDGA logoSaturday, June 12, 2021 at Riverside Park in Cartersville, Georgia
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament Directorsam barfield
Afternoon TD Deerfield Pool AScott Hazlett
Morning TD Deerfield Pool BJason Cummings

About this tournament

Welcome to the "Etowah 2021 Masters" B-Tier tournament. This will be a Amateur Masters tournament.

Players Pack, two shirts, embroidered collar polo, dri-fit tournament shirt, Etowah Mud Hooker, towel, cooling towel, pint glass and of course the metal mini.. You must be registered by May 13th to get complete players pack. (You will not believe this players pack). Trophies top three in each division. No pay-out. If the 160 fills up we may go to 200 or 5 per card. We have played 5 per card every other tournament and have had no problems.

Park Pass NOT required for event.

Two rounds of 20 holes. Adding Holes 11a, 19, 20. One round at Etowah and one round at Deerfield, the new course just completed

Pool A (MA70, MA65, MA60, MA55) will play Etowah in the morning and Deerfield in afternoon
Pool B (MA50, MA40) will play Deerfield in the morning and Etowah in the afternoon.

Divisional participation will be evaluated. Caps may be adjusted based on division registration numbers. Initial registration will be four per card but may go to five per card.

On Friday afternoon we will have early check-in and a PDGA Sanctioned Best Shot Doubles Trophy/Medal Tournament listed as " Etowah Masters Doubles".
(Etowah is a course you need/want to play before you play it.....)

On Sunday morning before the out of towners leave to go home get one more tournament, one more rated round and one more chance to win and have fun. Sign up for the "Etowah Play It Again".

"Deerfield Play It First" on Friday morning
"Etowah Master Doubles" on Friday afternoon
"Etowah 2021 Masters" on Saturday
"Etowah Play It Again" on Sunday

Where else can you get 4 tournaments in 3 days???

Also to make this an even greater happening weekend. We are adding Marksmanship Competition. Be sure to bring your extra putters. Total of 5 would be good, if not what you have will work. Sometime during the day on Saturday you need to visit the Marksman Canopy located near pavilion and take your free putts to see just how good you are.... You will pick up your Etowah/Deerfield towel here. You truly do not want to miss this!!!

Be a Hole Sponsor to help off-set expenses for Deerfield and red baskets for Etowah. You get your name on Tee Post for two days-Doubles/Singles, Hole Sponsor Mini, and your name listed on the back of the Tournament Dri-Fit shirt. What a deal!!!

Nearby camping and cabins available at Red Top Mountain State Park (Cabins sleeps 8 So bring your family/buddies/cronies and have a great weekend. Book cabins soon they are in demand by others/public)

Refund policy

Etowah Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
Following PDGA Best Practices
Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events

1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds Players who officially request to withdraw from an event 15 to 29 days before the start of the event will receive a 100% cash refund minus up to a $10 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled through either the waitlist or a walk-up entry (if offered). If the player’s spot is NOT filled, the TD has the choice to provide EITHER a 50% cash refund OR just the player’s pack the player would have received if they had attended (minus the cost of shipping).

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event within 14 days of the start of the event and prior to the event’s published closure of registration and waitlist replacements (within one week is recommended) will receive a 100% cash refund minus up to a $10 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled through either the waitlist or a walk-up entry (if offered). If the player’s spot is NOT filled, the TD has the choice to provide EITHER a 25% cash refund OR just the player’s pack they would have received if they had attended (minus the cost of shipping).

Players who do NOT officially request to withdraw from a registered spot playing in the event prior to the published closure of registration and waitlist replacements and don’t play (aka a no-show), forfeit their entry fee and do NOT receive a refund or player’s pack. (This does NOT apply to a waitlist player; see 1.03.B above.)

All refunds will be deducted $10 for Admin fee and donated to the course fund.


Riverside Park
Cartersville, GA   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/48276
Amateur 40+
1Brian Yoe5357110
2John Cox5757114
3Jeff Jordan5659115
4Carlos Monroy5464118
4Scott West5959118
6Kevin Gilreath5762119
7Jason Kimbell5961120
7Landon Satterfield5862120
9Keith Kabrhel5764121
9Kirk Jones6061121
11Jamey Tinch5765122
12Adam Ray6460124
13Jeffro Bodine5768125
13Matthew Williams6461125
13Scott Shaggy Homberg5768125
13Steven Amerson5966125
18Barry Arnson5868126
18David Walls5670126
18J. Cleveland Gobert6561126
18Landon Terning6462126
22Andy Smith6166127
22Christian Vessels6661127
22Matt Zollitsch5968127
25Jason Cummings6167128
25Marty Hollingshead5969128
27David Wilson6466130
27Justin Thomas5872130
27Lincoln Griffin6268130
30Randy Beavers6368131
31Lee Johnson6370133
31Matthew Mashburn6469133
31Peyton Stone6370133
34Jonathan Sutton6471135
34Mark Sheldon6471135
34Zach Bain7065135
37Matt Hill6670136
37Tyler Eberly6670136
39Benjamin Cabeen6572137
39Jeremiah D Bly6275137
39Lucas Griffin6671137
42Justin Barrett7167138
42Roger Wilson6969138
44Eric Doster6277139
44Sean Hynes6376139
46Christian Munoz6773140
46Wesley Miller6476140
48Brian Falcon6972141
49Josh Hixson6878146
49Shawn Hoffman7274146
51Jaxon Pickett6780147
52Ryan Sullivan7475149
52Taylor Riggan6980149
54Ryan Falvai7685161
55Greg Taylor8281163
Amateur 50+
1James Elkins5057107
2Ron Wilkins5360113
3Chris Senador5858116
4James Meek Jr6158119
4Keith Harris6158119
6Chris Seawright6062122
7David Crim6064124
7Richard Van Manen6064124
9Jeff Daughenbaugh6362125
10Billy Turnbull6266128
10John Taymon6167128
10MaAron Cabe6365128
13Joe Costa6366129
14Matt Richardson5872130
15Robert Gullick6666132
16Chris Disc Doctor Scoma6964133
16Eric Wilhelm6766133
16Steven Bolen6370133
19Timothy Petrea6670136
20Matthew Pope6870138
21Andy Conaway6475139
21Shane Deyo7069139
23Paul Troiano6773140
24Mark Bullock6972141
25Robert Grot7073143
26Jackie Dollar6975144
27Jim Schlenker7473147
28Eric Vlietstra7375148
28Josephine Taylor7474148
30Bart Davis8177158
Amateur 55+
1Mike Dammes6162123
2Michael Houchin6165126
3Joe Schlenker6463127
4Jack Landers6960129
4Jeff Gary6564129
6Darryl Vilano6862130
6Kurt Benton Spivey7159130
8Jeffrey Grunau6764131
8Vern Williams6764131
10Mike Eldridge7458132
11Lorenz Dickinson6469133
11Rob Williams6667133
13Alan Fornek6965134
14Brad Orman7363136
15Michael Wellman6968137
16Merritt Schatz6969138
17Don Ahearn7170141
17Miles Bays7368141
19Mike Tomlinson7369142
20Bobby Smith6974143
21Greg Paine7374147
22Ed Ayers7969148
23Jeff Hyatt7776153
24James T. Powell Jr8180161
Amateur 60+
1David Cossette6457121
2Mark Shackleford6359122
3Richard Glessner6660126
4Stan Hula6364127
5Wayne Leggette6563128
6Keith Tingley6765132
7Gilbert Walton6964133
7Michael Schwartz6667133
10Peter Charlton6668134
11Craig Peachey6372135
11Dean Coy6966135
13Craig King6868136
14Don Austin7368141
14Jay Konter6873141
14Samuel Medders7665141
17Tom Berghorn7072142
18Tim Bell7273145
19Joseph Evans7373146
20Ted Chancey7772149
Amateur 65+
1William Pickens6664130
2Mark Sasscer6862130
3Scott Crackel6666132
4Norm Dinser7362135
5Steve Nelson6868136
5Warren Sharp6868136
7Chester Meade6968137
8Bill Bee7069139
8Don Wall7069139
8Lance Marvel7663139
11Rick Greer6774141
12Marty Pardue7072142
13Kent Palmer7272144
14Earl Watts7671147
14Mickey Gregg7374147
16Bruce MacDonald7970149
Amateur 70+
1John Christy7270142
2Bill Sutton7573148
3FAST EDDIE8168149
4Spencer Tuggle7874152
5David Esser7879157
6Charles Callahan9091181