Easter at Unger Powered By: Great Lakes Disc

PDGA logoSaturday, March 30, 2024 at Unger Park in St. Louis, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Easter at Unger Powered By: Great Lakes Disc graphic
Added merchandise $100


Tournament DirectorAshley Pickett
Assistant TDJimmy Nelson
SponsorShea Abbgy

About this tournament

Registration & Payout Details:
$20 entry fee for each tournament
Fee Breakdown: $3 Tournament Fees, $1 Ace pot, $2 series finale event/payouts, $14 payouts.
Registration will open on Discgolfscene one week before the event. There will be a 90 player cap.

50/50 Cash CTPs available as add ons when you register. $2 will go towards the Series Finale Event.
Tilles Toss Off #2 CTP Buy In- Pay $2 for your chance to win a free entry into the Tilles Toss-Off #2 event at Tilles Park on 4/21/24. This will not cover additional buy-ins at the event, only your $35 registration fee to attend. All proceeds will be donated towards the Tilles event. The Tilles CTP will be on Hole 12.

Additional Free CTPs include: A disc of choice from my CTP box (lots of great choices), custom stamped Wizard from Don't Panic Disc Golf, free entry into an upcoming round of the Spring Traveling League, and free entry into Earth Day Flex at Hudson (4/22).

There will be 12 easter eggs hidden throughout the course with prizes in them for players to find during the round. If you find an egg, please make sure to bring the egg and the voucher inside to claim your prize at tournament central at the conclusion of your round. Prizes include: 3 cash eggs, 2 gift cards to GLD, gift card to Gateway Discs, chalky mini and refill bag, gift card to Mellow Disc Golf, Dynamic Discs Water Bottle, Spring colored Classic Soft Slammer, new Simon Line Pixel, free entry into 1 round of the Spring Traveling League, free entry into Earth Day Flex at Hudson (4/22), and more!

Gateway Disc Sports has donated 12 stash minis with prizes in them that will also be hidden along the course for participants to find during their round. A BIG THANK YOU TO GATEWAY!

Shotgun start at 10am

Pros paid in cash.
Ams paid in Great Lakes Disc vouchers to use on their online store.
Use code flickofthelou10 for 10% off your order when you go to use your voucher

PDGA Live scoring will be utilized for this event.

This is a 2024 Holiday C-eries 1.5 POINT MULTIPLIER Event.
Point system:
-2 points for playing, and 1 point for each person you tie or beat in your division.
-This is 1 of the 3 shotgun events that will count as a 1.5 point multiplier for divisional points.
-Any player that plays in all 8 events will receive an extra 5 bonus points before the finale.
-If you are forced to move divisions during the season due to a rating update, your divisional points will NOT transfer to the new division, only your attendance points will transfer.

For FULL C-eries information, go to the series event page.

Refund policy

St. Louis Traveling League is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

100% Refund if refund requested prior to the start of the tournament and if your spot is filled by a person on the waitlist.
50% Refund if refund requested prior to the start of the tournament and your spot is not filled.


Unger Park
St. Louis, MO   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/79041
1Seth Bachelier5353$28
2Leo Quattrocchi5555
1Ashley Pickett5353
2Tiger Borth5454
1Cory Overstreet5252$53
2Shaun Linkogel5252$37
3Nicholas Loynd5353$28
4Craig Bleckler5454$18
4Phil Alles5454$18
6Dominic Fecarotta5656
6Jimmy Nelson5656
6Tyler Mills5656
9Alex Schrautemeier5757
9James LaBlanc5757
11Benjamin D Bartlett6161
1Benjamin Gilbert5656$35
2Rob Givens5757$21
3Eric Twedell6060
4Joe Bryson6161
1Jared England6666$14
1Carl Gifford6161$14
1Glenn Walsh6666$14
1Thomas Faust5151$46
2Clayton Baldus5353$31
2Phillip Wall5353$31
2Stephen Suntrup Jr5353$31
5Thomas Semkiw5656$15
6Matt Utermark5757
6Sean McConnell5757
8Rob Mueller5858
8Will MacKenzie5858
8Zeke Fetty5858
11William Spinosi6161
1Scott Schumann5353$50
2Dustin Kent5454$42
2Shane Reckert5454$42
4David Mentink5555$38
4Jordan Femmer5555$38
6Alec Pestian5656$30
6Gregg Schaefer5656$30
6Jonathan Hellwig5656$30
6Nick Heisler5656$30
6Trent Knobloch5656$30
11Alec Hoven5757$19
11Daniel White5757$19
11Quinn Toennies5757$19
14John McDale5858$5
14Kevin Tiggard5858$5
14William Bowen5858$5
17Brendan Gainer5959
17Brett Lawyer5959
17Edward Thomason5959
17Peter Lokey5959
17Ryan Gordon5959
17Sean Mael5959
23Andrew Schrautemeier6060
23Austin Moser6060
23Joshua Amick6060
23Shane Benson6060
23Todd Morris6060
28Trey Starnes6262
29Bradley Stagner6464
30Justin Stumpf6565
31Andrew Sechrist7171
1Chris Wilson5858$39
2DeAndre Dickson6060$28
2James Perotti6060$28
4Thomas Suntrup6262$19
5Derian Ryker6363$12
6James C Sanders6464
6Seth Englebright6464
8Ryne Watts6565
9Charlie Abercrombie6767
1Jessica Zilch6161$26
2AnnMarie Faust6767$16
3Alexia Eguires6969
1Megan Sapp-Nelson102102$14
1Lynn Laniewski7171$14
1Lisa Morris6969$25
2Tracy Perotti7171$17
3Jolee Potts9999
1Cole Myers6060$14
1Daniel Mentink8686$14
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