East Bound and Down at IDGC

PDGA logoSunday, November 7, 2021 at International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorTravis Hurt
Assistant Tournament DirectorJessica Metz
Assistant Tournament DirectorJim Miranda

About this tournament

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Open Players- Cash and trophies

AM's- Players packs (custom items) & trophies

CTP and Long Putts
Jackson- CTP- 4, 13, &16
LP- 1 & 18

Steady- CTP- 1, 3, & 6
LP- 15 & 18
(if steady is able to be moved to B positions, 1 & 3 will be 2nd shot CTPs)

Warner- CTP- 4, 13, & 17
LP- 11 & 18


A POOL- MPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, MA1, MA2, MA40- will play Jackson first then Steady Ed.

B POOL- MA3, MA4, MA50, MA60, ALL Female, and ALL Juniors - will play Steady Ed then Warner.

MPO, MP40,and MA1- Jackson LONG & Steady Ed LONG

MA2, MA40, MP50, MP60- Jackson SHORT & Steady Ed LONG

MA3, MA4, MA50, MA60, ALL Female, and ALL Juniors- Steady Ed SHORT & Warner SHORT

Refund policy

Travis Hurt is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. No refund for AMs within 2 weeks of event unless we have someone to take your place. Instead you will recieve either a players pack or a 25% refund. Open players can recieve refunds until the day before the event.

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/54688
1Davis York6553$202
2Jared Henderson6853$141
3Andrew Bradley7155$101
4Joseph Anderson7652$74
5James Burgess7159$64
6Jason Light7457$45
6Ben Llena7358$45
8Jason Hartley7460
8Nate Heinold7460
10Nathan Lindler7364
10Asher Samsel7265
12Keegan Flowers7963
13Justin Long8065
14Chad Buxton8367
Pro 50+
1Jim Corder6857$138
2Ot Arounleut6962$87
3Brett Porter7163$64
4Alan Hause7164$47
5Brian Benton7766
6Geoff Hungerford7470
7Denis Ogle8267
Open Women
1Stephanie Hallford5971$48
1Nathaniel Samsel7355
2Braeden Sides7160
3Kyle Holman7560
4Gabriel Morel7462
5Daniel Powell7959
6TomMac Garrett8059
7Spencer Crawford7763
7Peter Crist8060
9Danny Voss7566
10Tyler Land7765
11Adrian Fraire7766
11Patrick Graziani7865
11Brandon Phipps7667
11Riley Scheyder7964
15John Cartrette7965
16Brandon Swaim8164
17Jorge Flores Jr8462
17Matthew Sanderford7967
19Gabriel Beachy8166
20Ben Chesney8564
21Noel Leseueur8467
22Steven Zhang8469
23Avery Cartrette8670
Amateur 40+
1Conrad Norwood7167
2Matthew Thomas7767
3Mark Spaugh8271
4Carlos Rodriguez8373
5Gabriel Foster7979
Amateur 50+
1Scotty Coxville4957
2James Luppino5364
3Mike Houchin5664
4Jorge Flores5764
4Matt Flynn5764
6Mike Dammes6065
7Mike Fortner5967
8Fred Geer6265
1Asa Freedman7163
2Trent Hale7563
3Patrick Davidson7467
3Daniel Perez7764
5Rich Meade7766
6Cody Clark8067
6Alexander Lopez7968
8Josiah Morel8069
9Matthew Crawford7773
9Jacob "3 Putt" Shepherd8070
11Felix Vega7873
12Mason Davenport7775
13Drew Nealis7677
14Matthew Cole9266
14Sheldon Smith8771
16Bobby Loyd8970
17Michael Rushton8876
18Patrick Iannelli9375
1Gabriel Kleschick5561
2Tony Brackett5960
2Matthew Stewart5663
4Scott Berr5665
5Brandon Howard5865
6Robert Williams III5470
7Ryan Cliff5768
7Anthony Spencer5867
9Chad Spearman6067
10Brandon Burton6270
10Jeffrey McDonald6171
12Nathan Labowski6073
13Judson Martin5877
13Nevada Simmer5877
15David Buchanan7172
16Jeff Samsel6976
17Patrick Nelson7277
1Jack Trainor5468
2Trent Teasley5869
3Mike Simmers6370
4Anthony Bustamante6472
5Jim Miranda6671
6Matt Paulson6375
7Cameron Axelsson6376
8Joe Pelletier6377
9Andrew Sand6777
10Eric Axelsson7084
11Kevin B. Kelly7087
12Derrick Beck7787
Novice Women
1Rachel Morrall8489
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