Saturday, June 1, 2019 at Elwood DGC in Elwood, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

18 holes on a course weaving through downtown Elwood! This course was designed by the EDGE Board and approved by the city. You're in for something fun and unique. This starts at the Courthouse.

This is not sanctioned. Due to the volume of players there will be no casual rounds allowed.

There are rules. Due to the nature of throwing plastic downtown no fairways or drivers. Mids and putters only.

Please remember the entire city will be watching us. For many you will be the first impression of who we are as a community. Take pride in that and let's show Elwood who we are.

How it works!

This is a flex start requiring at least 3 players to start a card.
Preregistered players will get priority on time slots. We will post time slots as we get them. If multiple people take the same time slot it will go by time registered and you will be given the next time slot available.

Each round is $10.00

You can play multiple rounds. Only 1 score sticks. Your best round counts towards best scores.

1 round per entry.

You can play one round or twenty. Top 45% paid. While this isn't sanctioned we will be following pdga rules.

Last card goes out at 4pm. If multiple cards show up near the end we will operate first come first serve. You may get turned away. Please plan accordingly.

In the event of ties we will split winnings even for first place. Trophy will be issued to the player with the most consecutive birdies in the event of a tie.

Refund policy

Chubb Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.