Dynamic Discs NWA Presents: 2021 Mighty Shunga Sponsored By Brawndo

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 25-26, 2021 at Crestview Park in Topeka, Kansas
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Hello Disc Golfers!

Thanks so much for choosing to play the 2021 Mighty Shunga Presented by Branwdo this weekend. I'm excited to be in Topeka and wanted to say thank you so much to the Dawn To Dusk Disc Golf Club for all they have done to make the courses look great. I also wanted to say thank YOU for being signed up and playing this weekend. I know this weekend wasn't optimal with the KC Wide Open going on as well and we are hoping to remedy that next year so we can showcase Topeka disc golf to more players.
On to the details:

-This event is going to be a shotgun start on Saturday and tee times on Sunday. We will start at 9:00 a.m. That means you should be on your hole and ready to throw at 9:00 a.m. There will be no player meeting. This email is your player meeting!

- Player check-in and player pack pick up will be at the Dynamic Discs Van in the parking lot of Crestview West. ALLPLAYERS MUST CHECK IN!! We will have paper cards and pencils to use as back-up for the PDGA live scoring.

-Each card will keep a digital scorecard and a paper scorecard. Whoever keeps the paper card doesn't need to pass it around. They will keep it the entire time. Same with the digital card. If you have any worries, you are welcome to keep your own score to confirm.

-The website for the PDGA live scoring app is www.pdga.com/scores and the password for the event is: shunga


We will post hole assignments on the PDGA event page. That can be found here: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/53334 We will post starting holes this evening around 8:30 p.m. We will also post starting holes during lunch for the second round as well.

You will have an hour and 15 minutes for lunch after the last card is turned in. Second round tee times will be posted on the PDGA event page as well as the local Facebook page (Dawn To Dusk Disc Golf Club)

Pros: Pros will be paid out via Paypal on Monday. If your Paypal address is different than the address you used to sign up for the event, please let me know before you leave Saturday.

Ams: Ams will be paid out the Dynamic Discs Van. This payout is only good for the Dynamic Discs Van or at Dynamic Discs Northwest Arkansas. It cannot be used online or at any other Dynamic Discs Store.

We will have 4 water jugs on the course. PLEASE USE THE HAND SANITIZER BEFORE USING THE WATER JUGS!!!

Sunday will be tee times at Big Shunga. Tee times should begin at 7:30 a.m. Tee times will be posted Saturday night by 8:00 p.m.

Crestview East:
Normal hole 1 will not be in play because of the BMX races. Normal hole 2 will be your starting hole. To make up for that, you will play hole 9 of Edgewater as the make up hole. That will be hole #15 tomorrow. So once you finished hole 14 as marked by the orange flags, you will just across the street to play new hole 15 (Hole 9 Edgewater). After that you just back across and finish out on 16-18. There will be a white arrow on the ground pointing you across the street as a reminder.

Crestview West:
Hole 10 on Crestview West will be played in the woods. There will be caution tape around the tee sign of the pade we ARE NOT PLAYING as well as a trash bag on the basket of hole 10 WE ARE NOT PLAYING. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PLAY HOLE 10 IN THE WOODS BY THE CREEK!!!!

OB will be available at the bottom of this email as an attachemnt. If you want a physical copy please print it out. There will not be paper copies tomorrow. OB can also be found on the PDGA scoring app as well as on the discgolfscene.com page.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you all!--

Matt Loyd

18 55 6002 Crestview West
Hole Par Distance OB Description
1 3 246 Sidewalk is casual; creek and beyond OB; over the fence OB
2 3 445 Light pole mandatory left and over fence OB; dropzone marked
3 3 334 Road and beyond OB
4 3 391 Road and beyond OB; firehouse parking lot OB
5 3 387 Sidewalk and beyond OB
6 3 379
7 3 295
8 3 354 Sidewalk and beyond OB
9 3 270 Sidewalk and beyond OB
10 3 294 Creek and beyond OB; sidewalk and beyond OB
11 3 237 Sidewalk and beyond OB
12 3 269 Sidewalk and beyond OB
13 3 304 Sidewalk and beyond OB
14 3 264
15 4 527 Sidewalk and beyond OB
16 3 287 Sidewalk and beyond OB; Road OB
17 3 270 Sidewalk and beyond OB; community center roof OB
18 3 449 Road OB; sidewalk and beyond OB; there are three safe landing zones noted on the hole sign: the land where the pad is, the land where the short island placement is, and the land where the basket is

18 55 4467 Crestview East/Edgewater
Hole Par Distance OB Description
1 hole 2 east 3 184 Surrounded by water OB; Sidewalk and beyond OB; If OB on drive, proceed to marked DZ
2 hole 3 east 3 238 Surrounded by water OB
3 hole 4 east 3 197 Surrounded by water OB; Road and beyond OB
hole 5 east 3 262 Surrounded by water OB; Road and beyond OB
hole 6 east 3 209 Surrounded by water OB; Road and beyond OB
hole 7 east 3 226 Road and beyond OB; Mando left of marked tree
hole 8 east 3 270 Surrounded by water OB; Road and beyond OB
hole 9 east 3 156 Surrounded by water OB
hole 10 east 3 202 Surrounded by water OB
hole 11 east 3 141 Surrounded by water OB
hole 12 east 3 115 Surrounded by water OB
hole 13 east 3 270 Surrounded by water OB; Sidewalk and beyond OB; If OB on drive, proceed to marked DZ
hole 14 east 3 289 Sidewalk and beyond OB
hole 15 east 4 510 Sidewalk and beyond OB; Mandatory right of marked tree; cross street to edgewater after this hole
hole 9 edgewater 3 265 Road and beyond OB; cross street back to east after this hole
hole 16 east 3 420 Road and beyond OB; Sidewalk and beyond OB
hole 17 east 3 293 Road and beyond OB, Sidewalk and beyond OB
hole 18 east* 3 220 Surrounded by water OB.

18 60 8137 Big Shunga
Hole Par Distance OB Description
1 3 376 Right of flags OB
2 4 611 Right of flags OB
3 3 489 Right of flags OB
4 4 580
5 4 652 OB flagged behind basket
6 3 347
7 3 284
8 3 415 Right of flags OB
9 3 424
10 3 466
11 3 309 OB flagged behind basket
12 4 523 Sidewalk and beyond OB
13 4 739 Sidewalk and beyond OB
14 3 384 Sidewalk and beyond OB
15 3 442
16 3 338
17 3 338
18 3 420

Dynamic Discs Presents: 2021 Mighty Shunga
Topeka, KS
Registration and check-in from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. at the parking lot for Crestview West.
Tee time 9:00 a.m.

Round 1 Crestview East
Round 2 Crestview West


Tee Times at Big Shunga

All Open-$65
All Advanced-$55
All Intermediate-$50
All Recreational-$45
All Juniors-$25 (Trophy Only)

Registration at www.discgolfscene.com/shunga21

Refund policy

Dynamic Discs Northwest Arkansas is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
*If you need to cancel for any event, it MUST be made by email to [email redacted] Cancellations more than 3 days in advance from the event will receive a full refund minus a $5 processing and cancellation fee. Cancellations under 3 days from the tournament date will receive a 75% refund minus a $5 processing and cancellation fee. If you fail to contact us to cancel your spot prior to the start of the event, you will forfeit your entry fee for that event. No player’s packages will be given to non-competitors in lieu of entry fees or store credit. While this policy will be in effect for the 2021 season, it may change for specific events.
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