The Duck Pond Classic

Sunday, April 9, 2017 at Rex E Callicott Student Park in Keene, Texas
Amateur-only singles tournament


The Duck Pond Classic graphic
Director Jeremy Short

About this tournament

The Third Annual Duck Pond Classic is hosted by Southwestern Adventist University, and sponsored by Keene Disc Golf and Dynamic Discs. It is an amateur tournament held in Keene, TX, including Carver Park and Disc Golf @ Southwestern.
Included in the entree fee is a players pack with two Trilogy brand discs with a custom tournament stamp.
This event is a fund raiser for SWAU and is tax exempt.


Final Results

1Marco Facundo5153104
2Jared Cowles5657113
3Ryan Wilson5658114
4Anthony Rosado5856114
5Michael England5956115
1Josh Chastain5951110
2Michael Dunn6454118
3Curtis Feese5762119
4Martin Guzman6060120
5Justin DeLeon6260122
6David Mendoza6558123
7Kingzet Brown6163124
8Daniel Larson6361124
9Sean swayze6460124
10Richard Carreon6760127
11Lance Romero6963132
12Johnathan S7364137
13Colton Spakes7969148
14Samuel Mares--0
1Tony Facundo6357120
2Miguel Neaves6456120
3Geoffrey Baze6861129
4Gerald Clayburn6862130
5Matt Hipsher6367130
6Benjamin Feese6766133
7Tim Sinclair6973142
8Benjamin Durichek7370143
9Leonard Baugous7766143
10Donald Hughes7866144
11Shane Melton7273145
12Nathan Meece8171152
13James Hammons7777154
14Jeremy Short7883161
15Eric McQueen8577162
16Justin smith7889167
Recreational Women
1Wendy Feese6664130
2Tiany Rodriguez6969138
3Lindsey Johnson7577152
4Irene Hughes8078158
5Amber Feese--0
Junior I - Boys
1Erik Marski7570145