Duck Golf #5 - Robert Burnaby

PDGA logoSaturday, February 3, 2024 at Robert Burnaby Park in Burnaby, British Columbia
Amateur C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Duck Golf #5 - Robert Burnaby graphic

About this tournament

1 day
2 Rounds of 18 Holes


- One time annual 2024 $10 BCDGA Competitive Member fee will be required to participate.
- Must pay separately if you haven't already. See link below.

- Additional $10 if you do not have a PDGA membership

Fee Breakdown:
$15 - Series Fees ($5 BCDGA, $5 Host Club and $5 Final Prizing)
$2 - Series Ace Pot
$2 - PDGA

Remainder minus expenses to Payouts.

Refund policy

BCDGA is responsible for all refunds/cancellations and player movements
For fast and prompt responses email
[email redacted]

As of January 1st, 2023, the BCDGA changed our cancellation / refund policy to fall in line with that of the PDGA's Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events. That policy can be found at


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Stewart McIsack464490
2Emmanuel Brassard484997
3Eric Johnston494998
4Tauno Tagel5149100
5Gryphon Vester5249101
6Justin Da Silva5152103
7Benjamin Charles Atkinson5154105
8Brett Wells5453107
9Luke Mason5256108
10Stephen Yu5654110
1Chance Stad494897
2Dave Ross504999
3Andrew Rivers5251103
3Kingsley Ralling5053103
5Ken Nelson5352105
5Neville Collett5253105
7Jamie Drummond5457111
8Rocky "the STAR" Gould6155116
9Brendan O'Neil6062122
10Derek Taylor6662128
1Craig Sheather4853101
2David Buzza5357110
3Dan Laitsch5556111
4Andrew McKimmon5855113
1Irina Shakhova5650106
2Sheila Teves6060120
3Allison Radich6269131
1Anthony Holloway454691
2Brett Basher454994
3Lane Mosolf474895
4Dylan Erickson504797
5Carl Bruggeman514798
6Peter Matthews534699
6Ryan Lockhart514899
8Matthew Harvey5248100
9Dexter Mcknight5150101
10Damon Huttunen5053103
11Philipp Werner5551106
12Spencer Dobler5950109
13Thomas Drelich5358111
14Nick McDonald5458112
1Jason Rennie5653109
2Chris Vance6051111
2Mike Kiesz5754111
4Dave Darling5557112
4Mike Duffield5656112
6Dave Koenig5954113
7Tyler Hoehn5760117
8Aaron Dugas5959118
9Matt Jacobi6561126
1Darryl Petrichuk504797
2Darin Mickelson4755102
3Kirt Greene5351104
3Stuart Bell5153104
5Yossarian King5254106
6Chris Carlton5354107
7Pierre Dubé5455109
8David Ohnona5456110
9Duncan MacDonald5657113
1Christopher Martin484896
2Dillon Doherty495099
3Chris Van Dyck5149100
4Sean Goodwin5250102
4Steven Wang5349102
6Alex Langner5350103
7Liam Casey5255107
7Matthew Vigneux5255107
9Grayson Hosie5949108
9Owen Powers5454108
11Kevin Ebert5653109
11Luis Siemens5752109
11Tim Van Der Hoorn5455109
14Matthew Doornbos5654110
15Blair Richmond5358111
15Kyle Menges5853111
17Quin Erzinger5656112
18Wade Wilson5955114
19Andrew McParland5758115
20Eric Thompson6158119
20Thomas Vickerson6059119
1Wesley Darling5348101
2Matthew O'Sullivan5352105
3Craig Miller5553108
3Judah H5157108
5Nick Dunn5455109
6Derek Salmon5258110
6Ezekiel Salmon5555110
6Kyle Jung5852110
9Matthew Scott5557112
10Matthew Drinkwater5659115
11Josh Fuss5858116
12Benjamin Appenheimer6058118
1John Thomas Henry Brook6057117
2Bryan Hanlon6661127
2James Kanders6166127
4Michael Stewart6365128
4Tom Schulz6662128
1Oie Petrichuk5455109
2Kristen Kappel5756113
3Madison Kelly5956115
4Liilia Namsing5760117
5Sarah C Breau6258120
6Katheryn Isfeld6358121
1Monica Szpak5966125
2Jenn-Anne Yelland6568133
3Hayley Groves7567142
1Shannon Roadknight6863131
1Hannah Porter5759116
2Faith Freiheit6162123
3Joyce Leung6366129
4Katie Gartley6568133
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