Downtown Throwdown Part 3

PDGA logoSaturday, May 6, 2017 at Downtown Jasper Urban DGC in Jasper, Alabama
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Downtown Throwdown Part 3 graphic


Tournament DirectorJake Aaron

About this tournament

Tournament central will be located at the Walker County Courthouse: 219 19th St W, Jasper, AL 35501

Back for its third year, the Downtown Throwdown will invade Downtown Jasper, AL on May 6th. As interest in this event has grown, we have grown the tournament as a whole, increasing each year. Every dollar raised goes right back into the tournament. This year, players will tackle two new 18 hole courses throughout Downtown Jasper, AL. Adding a second course allows for a larger pool of players and more opportunities to participate. Player packs for Ams will be stuffed like a Christmas stocking! We will announce each items throughout the weeks leading up to the tournament.

Items announced so far:
Steel City Pop - best pops in the 'ham

Also check out other events in Jasper the same weekend:
-Dyanamic Discs 2 Disc Challenge on Friday, May 5th
- The Birdie and the Beast 2 course tournament Sunday May 7th

Be sure to join and follow Grip and Rip Disc Golf for info and updates on this and other events.

Refund policy

Grip-n-Rip DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Joey Lutz464389
2Nathaniel Romans484694
3Jared Neal514495
4James Bracken484997
5Connor Norris5250102
5Michael Gibney5547102
7Nick Rhodes5152103
8Devan Hall5652108
9Jeb Watson5458112
9Scott Godfrey5953112
11Rick Korab53-53
1Jeffrey Casalina454590
2Chris Mullins5051101
Open Women
1Katie Cunningham Mullins5354107
1A.J. Price464995
2Johnathan Surmann504898
2Moquin Tonbuavone475198
4Justin Clinard475299
5Matthew Mabry5150101
5Nick McLeod4853101
7Jonathan Fowler4558103
8Jason LeCompte5153104
9Chris Mizusawa5253105
9Timothy Turnbull5451105
11David Smackdown Surmann5254106
11Jarred Smith5452106
13Andrew Campbell5552107
13Keith Miskell5156107
13Steven Tyler Petrie5453107
16David Willis5355108
16Nathan Rigoni5652108
16Nathan Rodriguez5652108
16Tony LaTorre5553108
20Nicholas Rosetti5752109
21Caleb Hampton5952111
22Bo McLaughlin5359112
23Marty Fulford5856114
Advanced Master
1Larry Burge4754101
2Ben Swam4457101
3Boyd Malone4656102
4Gary Willoughby5053103
4Nate Alcorn5053103
6Monte Miller5454108
7Robert Thompson5159110
8Jason Swam5757114
9Joseph Stiglets5463117
Advanced Grandmaster
1Kenneth Keller455398
2Warren Sharp4852100
3Billy Ray Osborn4655101
4Brian Thompson5153104
4Jeff Wetjen5054104
6Billy Bigfoot Drake5154105
6Mark Mahaffey5154105
6William Turnbull5352105
9Thomas Speed4958107
10Troy George5157108
11Greg Polecat McPeak5258110
12Alan Hester5755112
12Trent Gardner5458112
14Benjamin Sanders5163114
14Henry Tindall5262114
14Spencer Tuggle5658114
17James Mike Gant5868126
1Caleb Sanders4852100
1Cody Casalina4852100
3Adam Nadobny4854102
3Chad Tuggle4755102
3Cory Casalina5151102
3Dakota Fase4755102
3Dustin Reynolds4953102
8Adam DeMaioribus5251103
8Gavin Music4954103
8Kendall Naramore4855103
11Kevin Turner4955104
12Leland Garrigan5055105
13Adam Osborn4957106
14Caleb Beck4959108
14Charlie Thomas5751108
16Justin Welch5158109
16Ramsay Clevenger4861109
18Chris Spencer5654110
19Shane Burrow5061111
20Clayton Finch5359112
20Greg Padilla5062112
20Leonel Najera5359112
23Bryan Davis5855113
24Drew Entrekin5460114
24Scott Music5559114
26Matt Weller5065115
27David Driver5858116
28Ryan Schick5760117
29Cullen Beasley5368121
30Kory Sexton54-54
31Colton Cloud--0
31David Tin-Man Tinsley--0
1Kris Macon5446100
2Brayden Wright4954103
2Kiefer McMillan5251103
4Michael Macon5054104
5Adam Olson5451105
5Cantley Pittman5451105
5Justin West5154105
5Tyler Stephens5253105
9Harrison Plott5155106
9Justin Marsh5551106
9Kyle Huckeba5749106
12Alex Turner5453107
12Jace Windom5651107
12Lewie Scoggins5651107
15Bryan Whitworth5256108
15Christopher Jackson5157108
15Jason Vogt5949108
18Trey Wetjen5653109
19J.T. Hamman5654110
19Jeremy Hawkins5852110
19Scott Black5654110
19Steven Hollingsworth6248110
23Edmund Joseph5556111
23Mo Weaver5457111
23Tim Stuarte6051111
26George Hill5755112
26Haden Wilkerson5656112
26Joshua Hatley5359112
26Nicholas Casalina5557112
26Tyler Atkins5656112
31Brian Castello5558113
31Donnie Hardesty5756113
31Ian Tuggle6053113
34Ran crump5856114
34Shannon Lisenbee5460114
36Brandon Richmond6154115
36Daniel Thomas5560115
38Cody Burney5661117
39Felicity Rodriguez5860118
40Wade Dyer6059119
41Jason Floyd5664120
42Bill Waycaster6061121
42Brian Colburn5863121
44Johnnie Snider6755122
45Robert Gonzalez6558123
46Matthew Ellis6362125
47Jacob Huff6464128
48Tommy Morrison6764131
49Joshua Smith6767134
1tracy colburn475299
2Jeffery Scott4661107
3Mark Garrison5459113
4Mike Green5460114
5Tyler Alich5760117
6Clint Kimbrell5464118
6Hunter Creel5860118
8Justin St. Denny5564119
8Shane Montz5663119
8Zachary Powell5465119
11Matthew Smith6060120
12Terry Warrick5863121
13KJ Amerson5964123
14Chris Sharp5965124
14Christopher Dukes6262124
16Buster Hill6362125
16Matthew Walker6065125
18Ryan Aaron7467141
Advanced Women
1Emily Howe5551106
2Carol Strouse5651107
3Chelsea Sudduth6860128
Intermediate Women
1Donya Turner5563118
2Alexis Dowell5961120
3Britney Welch5765122
4Tamara Braden6571136
Novice Women
1Jill Marques5565120
2Ashley Turner5670126
3Robyn Tindall6575140
4Erica Turner6675141
5Tonya Macon7584159
Junior II - Boys
1McCall Atchison5758115