Discraft Presents the Sunrise Showdown - IOWA CUP #2

PDGA logoSaturday, April 1, 2017 at Sunrise Disc Golf Course in Bettendorf, Iowa
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


About this tournament

10$ of entry goes to rent Sunrise For the Day

AMs will only be charged for the player pack disc (8-10$) and the course rental.

Pros will only be charged for course rental.

I cover the additional fees! Last iowa cup event had 500$ total added throughout the divisions. If there is any cash added on top of the covered fees it will be added to (MPO, ADV, INT)

Refund policy

Must Contact Brady Hanna before first tee off to receive a full refund.


Current Standings

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/31796
1Nicklaus Snelling5248
2Chris Sprague4952
3Jeremy Farnsworth5154
4Alan Wagner5452
4Michael Anthony5452
6Michael Robinson5651
7Benjamin Callaway5949
7Jesse Kirk5553
9Anthony Furniss5555
9Justin Cutter5654
9Nate Heinold5357
12Brady Hanna5756
13Bee Yang5757
13Clint Kleve6252
13Joe Frederiksen5856
16Michael Whiteside5958
17David Inman5959
18Alex Shepard6658
18Shawn Hicks6460
20Greg Hunt6566
21Andrew Brown6767
1Jonathan Gehn5056
2Austin Jones5653
2Chase Neuweg5653
4Brock Niichel5657
5Dawson Snelling6054
5Jesse Peterson5955
5Justin Mount5460
5Marcus Wooo Syler-White5757
9Alec Anderson5857
9Craig Land5758
9Kenny Goldstein5758
12Blake Wilson5957
12Dacodah Fossel5858
14David Haugsted5760
15Alex Springman6158
15Corey Ahlers-Brown6356
17Patrick Harrison6555
18Kristopher Floy6458
19Martin Murray6461
20Caleb Ginger Jesus Holmquist6562
21Jordan Walker6762
21Tone Williams6861
1Curtis Cordrey5357
2Curt Walske5656
3Shawn Galloway5954
4Cody Conger5660
5Jarod Newcomb5760
6Richard Lenninger6256
7Brandon Gosa5863
7Tracy Brimmer5665
9Drake Vanderpool6063
9Josh Schlemme6360
9Tyler Dyson6459
12Jacona Stoneburner6361
13Eric Ruiz6362
14Tyler Holtz6462
15Quentin Dixon6265
16Graham Vanderpool6167
17Benjamin Wasek6466
18Nathan Hataj6071
19Jay Derenski6668
20Drew Canada6473
21Derrek Rollins6672
22Brandon Otto6970
22Nathan Fields7168
24Derek Johnson7376
1Mike Hayes6163
2Shane Tomsha6561
3Jeff Cave6464
3Stephen Corcoran6464
5Joshua Maish6267
6Félix Castro6868
7Jason Denato7370
7John Battin7370
7Michael Kelly7073
7Nathan DeVol7865
11Zach Brown7569
12Klifford Durham8173
13Stanley Filczer8274
14Jeremy Speth8380
Intermediate Women
1Amanda Ickes7687