Discraft Ace Race Presented by Tiger Discs

Saturday, September 28, 2013 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Ace Race


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About this tournament


We will have the PacWest Carnival Toss in addition to this great players pack! And an alternate layout of Dallas City Park for some ACE RUNS!
Register at Tiger Discs or you can paypal. Call 503-931-9368 for more information

The 2013 Ace Race player pack includes:

Two copies of the 2013 Ace Race prototype disc: It's a beginner-friendly distance driver... and it's in premium Titanium plastic!
One Titanium mini Magnet: you've never seen one before, since they've never been made before!
Two reusable scorecards/bag tags: something else you've never seen before! We commissioned these reusable scorecards just for 2013 Ace Racers. With a pencil and a clean eraser, you can use your new scorecards for round after round. The first one is credit card sized... keep it in your wallet and you'll always have a scorecard ready to go. It also makes a cool bag tag!
The 2nd reusable scorecard is larger for easier use and up to six rounds of 18 before it needs erasing. The flipside has the complete 2013 Discraft flight chart for easy reference anytime. Stash it in your back pocket, in your bag, or use the punch hole to hang it wherever you like.
We're also including a pencil with eraser with your Ace Race player package, so you can start using these cards right away.
Two high impact plastic pint glasses: very cool!
One beverage koozie: silver on black, jack.
One tri-panel Discraft sticker: three stickers in one.



Final Results

Round 1: Dallas City Park - Super Sunday Par 57, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: Dallas City Park - Super Sunday Par 57, 18 holes, par 57
1Jacob Severson112
1Steve Jones 3112
3Russ Brown213
4Roger Stephen134
5Aaron Summers1-1
5Alan Bales1-1
5Andy Totton1-1
5Brent Cameron-11
5Brian Pearson1-1
5Colin Morris1-1
5Derek Bisson1-1
5Erik Etherton1-1
5Eulind Calorino-11
5Gary Carver1-1
5Jimmy Senko1-1
5Josh Smith1-1
5Kain Torris1-1
5Robbie Purkhiser-11
5Ryan Meyer1-1
5Sarah Cooper1-1
5Steve Jones 51-1
5Troy Mariner1-1
23Dustin Kerr-22
23Phil Nabe2-2
23Steve Jones 1-22
23Steve Jones 2-22
27Anthony Mahoney3-3
27Keith Stephen3-3
27Lloyd Bledsoe3-3
27Spencer Hughes3-3
31Timothy Linn4-4
32Travis Towne-55
33Alex Barber--0
33Andrew Standlee--0
33Arna Meyer--0
33Ashley Berthold--0
33Brad Hale--0
33Brandi Shinn--0
33Brandon LeBlanc--0
33Brandon Trapse--0
33Brian Gnerer--0
33Chris Schulberg--0
33Clark Calorino--0
33Cole Henderson--0
33Dan Hughes--0
33Dustin Kerr II--0
33Eric Welch--0
33Erik Gyllenskog--0
33Glenn Miller--0
33J. Link--0
33Jackson Caito--0
33Jacob Schuetze--0
33Jacob Shryer--0
33James Midkiff--0
33James Senko--0
33James Wisegarver--0
33Jason Bruster--0
33Javier Alejo--0
33Jeff Sego--0
33Jesse Walker--0
33Jim Costello--0
33Joel Rodgers--0
33John Putenney--0
33John Snyder--0
33Johnny Davis--0
33Jon Dindinyer--0
33Jonathon Long--0
33Joseph Magallon--0
33Justin Holton--0
33Kevin Conklin--0
33Kyle McElroy--0
33M. Wilson--0
33Mack Weninger--0
33Michael Reed--0
33Miranda Burks--0
33Nate Owens--0
33Phillip Wright--0
33Raul Duke--0
33Ryan Wright--0
33S. Wilson--0
33Steve Jones 4--0
33Steve Pearson--0
33Steve Winslow--0
33Thomas Hurt--0
33Tom Shinn--0
33Tony Caito--0
33Tyler Franklin--0
33Tyler Franklin--0
33Vance Torris--0
33Zachary Benfit--0