Dirty Birds Fall Match Play Brackets

Monday, October 11, 2021 at McCurdy Park in Corunna, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

Dirty Birds Fall Match Play Brackets graphic

About this tournament



There will be 2 divisions with 16 players each
$11 buy in, top 4 in each division get paid

1 week to complete each match…Sometimes shit happens tho right? (3 day Extensions may be permitted as long as a new date is set and communication is established immediately) Know that you don’t want to be the reason the entire bracket has to wait to play their next round ????
Once your opponent is drawn you both need to agree on a course and time to get your match in. You can use Facebook messenger/the McCurdy group page/text messages or whatever to communicate. If you get crickets and can’t get ahold of your opponent let me know immediately.
If you cant agree on a course it defaults to McCurdy. That does not mean you shouldn’t be willing to travel away from this area. A mutual distance to an agreed on course is always a win/win.
A no-show will forfeit their match. Respect everyone's time and COMMUNICATE. The idea here is to meet new people and play some different courses, so let's have some fun!
Most of you haven’t paid in yet…I won’t allow late buy-in on these moving forward. If we can buy frisbees online than we can pay our entrance fee online ????‍♂️ If you absolutely must pay with cash you can message me and we’ll figure out a meet up.

Payouts for each division:
1st - $80
2nd - $40
3rd - $20
4th - $20

Refund policy

McCurdy Dirty Birds is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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