Detroit Disc Golf Movement

Sunday, October 6, 2019 at Lexus Velodrome in Detroit, Michigan
Disc golf event

About this tournament

Through a generous grant from the PDGA and the support of the Lexus Velodrome, Gateway Disc Sports and Lucky Disc Golf we are able to bring you the Detroit Disc Movement! An event geared towards introducing kids in Detroit and beyond to disc golf!

Kids will be provided with everything they need to start playing. Courtesy of MVP Disc Sports, Lucky Disc Golf and the Lexus Velodrome!

Free or a suggested donation for those that would like to contribute. 100% of donations will go towards the event.

Register your kids now if you plan to attend.

Anyone who would like to volunteer or become a sponsor can sign up online.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Event Sponsorship, 100% of sponsor donations will go towards the event.
PDGA Junior Membership Sponsor, through the PDGAs generous grant we have 10 PDGA Junior memberships to give away. We hope to significantly increase that number.

Refund policy

Detroit Hyzernauts DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Current Standings

1Ashley Tusler
1Cavan Corcoran
1Jason Sullivan
1Judson Carroll
Junior 18
1Cameron Thompson
Junior 15
1Alex French
Junior 12
1Me'ahna Owoiya
1Sadie MacDonald
1Vanessa Grifka
Junior 10
1Brayden Williams
1Damian Wood
1Isaiah St. Aubin
1Lachlan Thompson
Junior 8
1Brayden Williams
1Ian Wood
1Jordan St. John
1Jud Carroll
1Logan Robinson
1Rylie Grifka
Junior 6
1Cameron Bienkowski
1De'Andre McIntosh
1Jesse St. Aubin
Junior Girls 12
1Moriah St. Aubin
1Nevaeh Spackey
1Nevaeh Spackey
1Rayne Meilstrup
1Sadie MacDonald
Junior Girls 8
1Emma Solgot
1Rylee Nidiffer
Junior Girls 6