"Deerfield Ribbon Cutting"

PDGA logoSaturday, April 10, 2021 at Deerfield in Cartersville, Georgia
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

"Deerfield Ribbon Cutting" graphic

About this tournament

"Deerfield Ribbon Cutting"
Are you ready to play another course in Bartow County??

Thanks to the City of Cartersville Recreational Department.

Be the first to play a PDGA Sanctioned round at Deerfield. We will have a one round C-tier tournament with no bagging for the baggers. If there is an interest we will have a pick up Best Shot Doubles after lunch. Players meeting with a shotgun start.

Trophy's for top 3 in all divisions and a Trophy Medal for the pick up Best Shot Doubles top 2 teams

Players pack Dri-Fit Shirt, special mask, wristband and your own scissors & ribbon.
Be sure to register by March 31 to guarantee a shirt.

Refund policy

Etowah Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
Following PDGA Best Practices
Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events
1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds
All refunds will be deducted $5 for Admin fee and donated to the course fund.


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Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/50271
Blue [rating <970]
Round 1: Deerfield - Regular tees, 20 holes, par 62
1Joel Bryant5858
2Matt White6060
3Craig Disckerson6262
4Wesley Williams6565
5Joshua Gray6666
White [rating <935]
Round 1: Deerfield - Regular tees, 20 holes, par 62
1Justin Straughan5555
1Mike Dammes5555
3Wesley Harrison5656
4Asher Griffith5858
4Scott West5858
6Barry Arnson5959
6JR Laird5959
8Eric Rowell6060
10Cody Greeson6161
11Brad Orman6262
11Brent Palmer6262
11Jonathan Rollins6262
14Sean Gallagher6363
15Jim Gibson6464
16Daniel Dull6565
16Daniel Manny6565
16David Duncan6565
16Oconey Campbell6565
20Billy Ryan7878
Red [rating <900]
Round 1: Deerfield - Regular tees, 20 holes, par 62
1Landon Tucker5555
2Jeff Gary5757
3Cole Rothrock5858
4JT Hamman6060
4Jeff Daughenbaugh6060
4MaAron Cabe6060
7Andrew Scott Livingston6161
7Danny Howard6161
7Jackson Baer6161
7John Storer6161
7Stan Hula6161
12Chas Liebl6262
12Landon Satterfield6262
12Merritt schatz6262
12Travis Hatcher6262
16Alan Fornek6363
16Ben Reeves6363
16Chris Seawright6363
16Conner Guinn6363
16Corey Young6363
16Coy Brackett6363
16Jason Cummings6363
16Larry Fattorusso6363
16Miles Bays6363
16Peter Crivello6363
26Michael Coffeen6464
26Zack Kay6464
28Corey Nickles6565
28Kent Palmer6565
28Lewis Boynton6565
31Bobby Smith6666
31Heath Burns6666
31Imran Khan6666
31Robert Gullick6666
35Dustin Hardy6767
35Eric Doster6767
35Grayson Roberts6767
35Josh Gullick6767
39Lorenz Dickenson6868
39Todd Roberts6868
41Emerson Reeves6969
41Kyle Holmes6969
43Walter Black7171
44Nicholas Bays7272
44Scott Hazlett7272
Green [rating <850]
Round 1: Deerfield - Regular tees, 20 holes, par 62
1Keith Harris5656
2Joshua Baer5959
3Wesley Griggs6161
4Harrison Norman6262
4Zach Bain6262
6Justin Discerson6363
7Scott Stevens6464
8Buddy Dickey6565
8Craig Bagby6565
8Kason Moody6565
8Mark Sheldon6565
8Roger Sutherland6565
13Ryan Kovacevich6666
14Joseph Greenwell6767
14Marty Pardue6767
14Payten Holcombe6767
14Rick Smith6767
18Derrick Linville6868
18Matt Paulson6868
20Jack Trainor7070
21Cody Long7171
22Joe O'Bert7272
22Mike Tomlinson7272
22Travis Gray7272
25Mike Green7474
26Sampson Jenkins8080
Purple [rating <800]
Round 1: Deerfield - Regular tees, 20 holes, par 62
1Jonathan Mankin6363
2Austin Stone6464
2Grant Trotter6464
4Lance Marvel6565
4Rick Kennel6565
6Jonathan Sutton6666
7Krista Baer6868
8David Keaton6969
8Gary Roberts6969
10Cason Williamson7070
10Katey Wilson7070
12James Andrews7474
13Jeff Hyatt7777
14Andrew Voltmer7878
15Steve Helbling7979
16Garrett Lounder8080
17Matthew Allred8282