Deer Run Spring Tournament

Saturday, May 14, 2022 at Deer Run Park in Millersburg, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

Fun, casual tournament at Deer Run Park! $20 entry fee, $30 if player wishes to receive a custom Innova disc (or) one of last year's Trilogy discs. (See pictures) $2.50 from each registration will go to an ace pool. Money will be split if multiple aces.

Tournament will include 4, 9 hole rounds. Before lunch, Round 1 - Red tees to A basket. Round 2 - White tees to A basket. After lunch, Round 3 - Red tees to B basket. Round 4 - White tees to B basket. Awards for CTP (closest to pin), and Longest drive.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will take home a custom engraved Yeti thermos!

Refund policy

Holmes County Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Deer Run Park
Millersburg, OH   Get Directions


Final Results


Andrew Beun$45.00 for Hole 7 on Main course, Red Tees "A location"
Alan Hilty$45.00 for Hole 9 on Main course, Red Tees "B location"
Round 1: Deer Run Park - Red Tees "A location", 9 holes, par 27
Round 2: Deer Run Park - White Tees "A location", 9 holes, par 29
Round 3: Deer Run Park - Red Tees "B location", 9 holes, par 27
Round 4: Deer Run Park - White Tees "B location", 9 holes, par 29
1Matthias Hilty2428192697
2Braden Yoder2427212799
3Nicholas Blair24282326101
4Bobby Ghiloni24262328101
5Anthony Hilty23272527102
5Glendon Yoder22272825102
5Marc Wylie25292028102
5Michael Wells Jr24262230102
9Austin Yoder24292628107
10Alan Hilty27282330108
11Verlyn Miller27292231109
12Henry Schlabach26282531110
12Nathan Hilty27302429110
14Joel Hilty23342727111
15Austin Shetler25312729112
16Andrew Zook27312530113
17Elias Yoder26312829114
18Steve "Reno" Haney28312630115
19Andrew Beun29312531116
19Dalen Shetler26342531116
19Jonathan Pelc29292632116
19Kevin Hilty27342530116
23Avery Rair26313030117
23Joshua Hilty24332931117
23Marcus Beun26312832117
26John Rair27332734121
27Derek Troyer30352730122
27Shawn Troyer32372231122
29Grant Yoder30322635123
29Wendall Hilty30352434123
31Kevin Price31373132131
32Brian Price28363335132
33Scott Rair31382638133
34Jonathan Yoder33412839141
35Lawrence Price37473346163
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