Deer Run Doubles

Saturday, October 24, 2020 at Deer Run Park in Millersburg, Ohio
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

UPDATE: Lunch will be available (pizza) for everyone. We encourage making an additional donation to help offset costs.

Bring Your Own Partner (BYOP) Doubles Tournament fundraiser for Skyview Ranch. Skyview experienced a fire last November, and is currently raising money to finish their new building.

Player Pack includes choice of Axiom Envy or Streamline Drift (first come first serve), with additional discs available for purchase.

Prizes TBA, with a special 1st place trophy for each member of the winning team.

Refund policy

Skyview Ranch is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Deer Run Park
Millersburg, OH   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: Deer Run Park - Main course Longs + Shorts, 18 holes, par 55
Round 2: Deer Run Park - Main course Longs + Shorts, 18 holes, par 55
1Greg Marsh
Ryker Marsh
474794 (-16)
2Nate Blake
Nick Schultz
474794 (-16)
3Andy Bidlen
Drew Bidlen
485199 (-11)
4Doug Simpson
Grant Simpson
5051101 (-9)
5Andrew Miller
Nick Miller
5349102 (-8)
5Daniel Yutzy
Kyle Troyer
5151102 (-8)
5Jon Geiser
Justin Steiner
4953102 (-8)
8Avery Rair
John Rair
5152103 (-7)
8Marion Troyer
Nate Troyer
5251103 (-7)
10Dalen Shetler
Shawn Troyer
5450104 (-6)
10Don Bates III
Don Bates Jr.
5450104 (-6)
12Kraigg Hoffman
Sam Marsh
4956105 (-5)
13Cody Metcalf
Steve "Reno" Haney
5254106 (-4)
14Joel Hostetler
Patrick Miller
5453107 (-3)
15Darren P
John Z
5454108 (-2)
15Erik Marmet
Tyler J. Larson
5553108 (-2)
17Brian Todd
Kyle Herrick
5455109 (-1)
18Jaylon Yoder
Josh Shenk
5654110 (E)
19Matthew Schmidt
Todd Struble
6155116 (+6)
20Jonas Hershberger
Willis Mast
6061121 (+11)
21Ethan Steiner
Jackie Steiner
5765122 (+12)
21Ivan J Troyer
John I Toyer
6260122 (+12)
23David McBride
Tim Miller
6562127 (+17)